Tuesday, April 17, 2018

what's coming up

I know that the e-books will be a series of 10 e-books--10 total--all about our bubble-butted hero Max and the characters surrounding him.

Lots of erotic, super-kinky fun.  Humorous, filthy, and satisfying.

The e-books are definite but I have no idea as to whether or not there will be paper editions.  Because the Max stories are so dirty, I'm not sure that it would make sense to turn them into paper books.  Do you really want your friends or family to see homoerotic paperback books lying around called "Maximum Buns", "Incredible Buns", etc.?  Probably not.  Maybe e-books are the perfect format for these stories.....but I don't know.  If a lot of people want paper versions of the Max stories, I'll consider it but I have no idea as to whether or not that would make sense for this specific type of indie publishing.  Big question mark on that one.

You won't have to read them all in order but it would probably help so that the characters' backstories are fully intact.  But it's not required.  I want all the erotic e-books to stand up on their own and be enjoyable for themselves, as is.

The first e-book will be called "Maximum Buns: Max Stories I" because the main character is Max and because one of the people in his town names a bakery Maximum Buns in honor the dude's hot ass.  The 2nd book will be called "Quality Buns: Max Stories II", etc. and so on.  All the books will keep a title theme with "Buns" as part of the title.

I removed some stories from this blog so that I can rework some of the narrative hooks in ways that are improved for the overall story arc throughout the books.  Some characters, and some moments, are being chopped out and there's much more being added in.  Everything is going to feel very new.

New characters, new settings, new freaky situations.  Max stays as the main character, of course, and he will be joined by some fresh characters.  All of the Max stories that are currently available on this blog are still canon to the overall narrative arc.  They can be slipped in throughout within the rest of the stories in any way you choose, without disrupting the main story arc, and they're fine the way that they are.  They'll stay up here as supplemental stories and as samples of what the e-books are like.

One of the new main characters will be of particular interest to those of you who love the Max stories that I've written over the past few years......

Mr. Gregg, Max's stern boss, decides to add another bubble-butted hunk to the payroll alongside Max.  This new character is named Vince (I admit that he's inspired by a few real-life people).  The character is described this way:

Vince:  23-years-old.  Insanely good-looking and he knows it.  Dark brown hair, pale skin, bright green eyes, gorgeous face.  Franco-Italian ancestry.  Rich brat with an insufferable ego and a bad attitude.  Dad is a wealthy playboy, mom used to be a swimsuit pinup.  Both parents are pretty irresponsible which explains a lot of Vince's bad attitude.  5'9" in height, sexy-fit body, tattoos.  Despite his trim waist, he's got a bulbous, round, luscious pair of butt cheeks that bulge out behind him.  He used to be part of a singing group that had a little bit of popularity for a while a few years back, but the talent just wasn't there.  A player, a partier, and a fuckboy.  Leans towards the ladies but secretly questions himself.  Slightly desperate for employment, Vince now works as a performer at Fantasy Point and has a manager named Evan.

So there will be plenty of Max's continuing adventures as well as some intense experiences coming up for Vince as well.

I'll add a character guide to this blog very soon that will describe Max, Vince, Mr. Gregg, and some of the other reoccurring characters.

I plan to have the first Max e-book, "Maximum Buns: Max Stories I" available online before the end of the month.

Monday, April 16, 2018


The first e-book of Max stories should be coming up before the end of the month.  I'm doing the edits over the next few days.  I'll discuss more of what's coming up for these stories tomorrow in a blog post.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Thursday, February 1, 2018


It's been a while.

There are other stories coming up but I'm thinking about doing the Max stories as possibly e-books or maybe even traditional paperbacks.  Maybe via Amazon.  Thinking about it.

The plan at the moment:

*Keep a bunch of the Max stories online as is, on this blog, because I know that people enjoy them and to give a sample of what the rest of the work will be like.

*Rework some of the favorite older material (make a few changes and twist a few things here and there).

*Give previews for each new story and then link it to where to purchase the story (as I said, probably Amazon).

*Maybe some cartoons of Max or some standard "romance novel"-style model photography.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  

either email me at:  maxbstories@live.com

or leave a note in the comments section down below.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Backfire (Max story)

Max is a version of perfection.

With his bright blue eyes, golden blonde hair, extremely handsome face, and toned, muscular body, 21-year-old Max was very much the ideal young man to many people.  Perhaps his overly bulbous, big bubble butt cheeks would be a bit too much (too tempting, too homoerotically appealing) for some people to accept but Max rarely got complaints about those mega-buns of his.

Being around Max all the time made Brent (Max's best friend) feel self-conscious about his own appearance.  Brent was just an average guy so he sought Max's help in getting him in-shape.  Brent never liked working-out much but he figured that he'd feel better about himself if he at least tried.

Doing occasional work-outs with Max did help Brent feel more energized but there was something else to it....

Today, while working out with some weights in a spare room at Max's house, Brent loved any excuse to be physically close to Max.  Brent didn't consider himself gay, or even bisexual actually, but the fact of the matter is that he found Max to be unbelievably sexy.  Max was physically stunning enough as it was--just looking at him--but the "cherries on the cake" was the fact that toned, in-shape Max had such a massive, balloon-like pair of glutes that it seemed unreal.  Brent was obsessed with Max's big, perfectly round butt cheeks.

How could anyone--man or woman--not want to fuck Max?

After one of their workouts, the boys headed over to a nearby convenience store to buy some beer.  The day was humid and warm, but beautiful, so they decided to walk a bit rather than drive.  Brent enjoyed being seen out in public with Max.  They walked down the sidewalk in their tank tops and workout gear, two sweaty young men cooling down.

Max wore a pair of thin, bright blue, shiny, lycra-spandex tights that came down to his knees.  His wife had bought the tights for him a while back because she too enjoyed looking at Max's deluxxxe posterior.  The vertical seam on the seat of the tights dug severely up Max's deep ass crack, giving him an incredible wedgie.  But it was no big deal to him.  Max's massive bubble buns meant that he usually had a wedgie no matter what he wore.  The workout had made Max all sweaty.  The vertical back seam on the seat of Max's spandex was wedged deep between his butt melons and sticking to his juicy pucker.

After a little while, Max and Brent got to the store.  The store was run by a scuzzy-looking guy in his early 50's named Phil (paunchy, balding, thick and ugly glasses, 5'2").  Phil had run his grungy, little liquor store in the neighborhood for decades and Max had been in there countless times.  Phil wasn't exactly a family friend or anything but he had played card games a few times alongside Max's father, Blake.

Over the years, Phil had had the pleasure of watching Max grow up from being a child to being the over-the-top sexy specimen that Max was now.  He thoroughly enjoyed watching that young man's keister become bigger and rounder and fuller as time went on.

"I hope to heaven that Blake beats that boy's incredible ass from time to time.....I know that I sure would," thought Phil every time Max came into the store.

"Hey there, Max," grunted Phil.  "Just finish up at the gym with your friend here?"  Phil didn't even bother making eye contact with Max since he was too busy oogling the young man's massive ass cheeks jiggling and glistening in those blue spandex tights.  Digging so far up Max's crack, the spandex looked as though it was painted on.

"Yeah, hi Phil, yeah we were working out at my house but we're just gonna stop in for a moment.  How are you?," replied Max.

"I'm great.  It's nice to see you, young man.  Tell your dad I say 'Hi'", said Phil in a neighborly fashion.

"You got it," said Max.  Phil had always made him feel uncomfortable since he constantly leered at him whenever they crossed paths.  Max's huge cakes bounced enticingly as he walked over to a nearby aisle to shop the beer selections with his friend.

Since going to the liquor store was Brent's idea, Max assumed that Brent would have been the one to bring the money for beer.  But he hadn't.

"I thought that you brought some money," said Brent.

"No, bro, I thought that you had brought some," said Max.

"Oh shit, now we've gotta walk seven blocks back to your house.  Damn," continued Brent, frustrated.

But Max had an idea.

"Just snatch a couple of the smaller bottles.  This guy has terrible eyesight and the kids in the neighborhood always steal stuff from here.  He's kind of a prick so I never feel bad for him.  Next time we'll buy some extra beers but, for today, let's just say they're on the house.  I never liked the guy," said Max, showing a side of himself that his best friend of many years had never seen.  Brent actually appreciated the idea and liked this "bad boy" side of Max.

"OK!," chuckled Brent, "If you think that we can pull it off, I'm all for it.  It's better than having to walk all the way back, right?"

"Exactly," answered Max.  "I'll distract him, you grab two bottles, and walk out while I'm talking to him.  I'll meet you outside in a couple of minutes."

While Brent figured out which bottles to steal (which ones would fit conveniently in his shorts pockets), Max walked to the other side of the store, over to Phil at the counter who was watching baseball on a crumby little TV by the register.

"It's been a while, Max," leered the clerk.  "You've certainly become a very handsome young man, haven't you?  I heard that you're working down at the amusement park as an actor or somethin'."

"Yeah, I play a superhero and take pictures with tourists, that whole thing," smiled Max who was slightly flattered that people were talking about him around town.  While he was talking, Max bent over and pretended like he was retying the laces on his gym shoes, his overly-bulbous, shining blue lycra ass cheeks popping out in Phil's direction.  He knew that those beefy buns would grab the man's attention.

"People say that the guy at the amusement park's got the most unbelievable rump around and, boy oh boy, they've got that right!" chuckled the creep.  "When I heard that I thought to myself 'Yep, that's gotta be Blake's boy, Max, because he's the good-lookin' kid with the magnificent buns!'  That's what I thought to myself so I figured that that was you," said Phil.

"Well, you guessed right," chuckled Max, hoping that this plan of his was going to be enough to snatch some beer so that he and Brent could head out and be on their way, no real harm done.  After a minute or so of bending over to "tie his shoes", Max stood up and pretended to look at some of the shelves near the counter.

"Did you boys need help finding anything?" asked Phil.

"You know?  No, actually, I don't think that we need anything today.  Just looking," answered Max as Brent slipped out the store door, a beer bottle in each pocket.  "We'll see you next time, I guess."  Max nodded at Phil, turned around, and then began walking towards the door himself.

"Not so fast, Mr.," said Phil coldly.  All of a sudden, he yelled towards the door:  "Get the fuck back in here, moron!  Don't you dare steal them bottles!!!!"

Brent sheepishly walked back in through the door, the color drained from his face.  "We were planning to pay for these--I was just going to my car to get some money, seriously" said Max's terrified best friend.

"Don't give me that bullshit, you little bastard, I'm gonna call the cops!  Wait right here!" said Phil as he reached towards his phone.  Phil did have terrible eyesight but he was no dummy.  He could figure out exactly what Max and Brent's plan was.

"Please don't call the cops, sir!" objected Brent.  "We're sorry; I'm just gonna put them back...."  Brent hoped that this would placate the situation as he put the beers back on the shelf where they belonged.

"That's a real shame, Max, a real god-damned shame.  I didn't think that you were that kind of a guy," said Phil.

"I'm not," said Max, feeling bad about his terrible idea.  "Look.....we're truly sorry.  We're gonna go back to my house, grab some money, come back, and pay double, okay?"

"No, not okay," Phil responded.  "Theft is a serious issue.  I'm the owner of this god-damned store so whatever assholes like you steal from me comes from right outta my own pocket.  You're a little asshole, Max.  I'm gonna call the police and then I'm gonna call your dad too."

Max knew that his parents would be mortified to find out that their married, 21-year-old son was doing something as dumb and immature as stealing from a convenience store.  This was such an impulsive and idiotic idea and Max knew it.  He thought that maybe he could remedy this situation.

"How about we clean up the store for you or help you out in some way?" offered Max, desperately.

Phil thought about this for a minute.  This was a great opportunity for a couple of different reasons:

1.) He could get these boys to never steal from him again.

2.) He didn't really feel like bothering getting the police involved on another small case of store snatchin'.  Phil had done that many, many times already.  It didn't help anything and was more fuss than anything else.

3.) His store could actually use a bit of a spit-shine, come to think of it....

and, most importantly,

4.)  When else would he get the chance to teach Max a valuable lesson?  Max had to pay for his mistake ......and the fee would be his own round, bubble ass.

"Alright.  Fine.  Just this once," said Phil oh-so-generously.

Phil handed a broom to Brent and ordered him to sweep around the dingy convenience store.

As for Max, Phil got a ladder out from the back room and had Max climb up it.  He ordered Max to start dusting some upper shelves with a dirty-looking rag.

"That's right, young man, make this place clean.  Maybe you boys trying to steal from me turned out to be not-so-bad anyway," chuckled the old pervert.  As Max was standing with his feet planted a few rungs up on the ladder, this was the perfect level for Phil.  Phil was holding the ladder as Max stood on it, Phil's face at the exact same level as Max's delicious ass.

"I don't need you falling off this ladder and suing me, Max, so I better make sure that it stays put," Phil said with his face about 1 inch away from Max's massive behind.  Max could feel the man's breath on his butt when the guy spoke.

Max glanced over his shoulder, down the ladder, for a second to see Phil's face.  Phil, smiling, had his face almost nestled between Max's puffy, round butt cheeks.

"You've got an A+ caboose on you, kid!" cackled Phil.  "I gotta confess.....it's not a terrible view from here."

In those shiny blue spandex tights, Max's perfectly round ass cheeks looked like glistening, over-inflated rubber balls.  The back seam on the seat of the skin-tight lycra rode up between his buns--wedging deep in that sweaty crack-- and was firmly held in place by Max's sticky, wet, little sphincter.

"Why even bother wearing pants at all when you're wearing spandex that tight!?  It looks like somebody painted them on you!" exclaimed Phil who had never had a more erotic experience in his life than the one he was having right now.  Nothing turned him on more than having his face up close to Max's incredible rear end.

"Unibutt" was never a problem that Max had with his pants.  His buns--which naturally came across as an exaggeration of the perfect male bubble butt--in their magnificent roundness, typically created a wedgie with his pants.  Always two, huge, slightly seperated globes sticking out behind him--never a unibutt.  Butt-crack city all the time, every day.  And, yes, people couldn't help but notice that handsome stud and his stunning applebottom (melon bottom was more like it).  Max had a difficult time finding pants that suited him due to his unusual physique:  a trim waist and big, puffy butt.  Sometimes he even had to resort to getting specially-made pants made just for him at a tailoring shop in town.  Because of his oversized booty, Max had been dealing with wedgies all his life.  What other choice did he have?

Max's wife, Kara, loved her hunky, young, blue-eyed, blonde husband......and what she loved about him the most was his unbelievably voluptuous man-ass.  Sometimes she privately joked with her friends that she was "a gay man trapped in a straight woman's body".  Because of the stretchy material, Kara typically bought spandex tights for her husband to wear during his workouts which is why today of all days (probably the worst day....) Max was stuck wearing thin, shiny, blue, second-skin tights on his lower half.

"I should have worn baggy basketball shorts today," thought Max to himself.  The vertical seam on the seat of his spandex was riding up deeper and deeper into Max's ass crack, and sticking more and more to his dewy butt pucker, as the dusting duty continued.  It was a humid day and Max had just done a rigorous workout with Brent less than a half hour ago.  Plus, he was nervous about how this situation was going to play out.  Max was aware that his spandex-encased bubble ass was sticky and swampy.  He felt self-conscious about Phil's face being so close to his butt.

Phil was mezmerized by that big, shiny, blue butt in his face, wishing he could spread Max's glutes apart and slide up in there forever.  As soon as Phil's thoughts were about to get much nastier (as a chubby little boner was becoming more obvious in the shop owner's pants), Brent ran out of floor space to sweep.

"I've swept all there is to sweep, sir," said Brent as he turned towards the other two men.  At that moment, he saw Max on the ladder (dusting upper shelves as far as he could reach) with Phil's face practically motorboating Max's superb derriere.  Phil was holding the ladder but he was also taking advantage of his position and that was clear as crystal.  Brent knew then that Phil was nothing but an old pervert manipulating a situation but he had no idea how much further Phil was planning to go.....

Phil turned to Brent.  "Sure, I guess that's good enough with the sweeping for now," said the shop keeper.  "Enough of the dusting, Max.  Come down so that we can figure out the best way to solve this problem you've caused for yourselves."

As Max stepped down from the ladder, Phil didn't move.  The pervert made it seem as though it was an accident, as though he was too slow to get out of the way in time, when Max unintentionally lowered his colossal, jiggling buns right on top of Phil's face.  Phil stayed in place for a second, rubbing his face between Max's massive ass cheeks, pretending (poorly) that Max was being reckless.

"Hey now be careful with that bottom of yours, kid!  Somebody could get trapped in there!" said Phil with a barely concealed smile on his face, wishing that Max would sit on his face for at least a year straight.  Max, who quickly stepped off from the ladder and was now standing on the floor with an embarrassed look on his face, turned his oversized rear towards the wall behind him.  Today was one of those days when he wished that he didn't have such a hypnotic bottom that seemed to attract almost everyone and bring out the filthiest thoughts (and comments and actions) from them.  Handsome, blonde Max, and his extra-special bubble ass, seemed to get into a lot of trouble.

"So which one of you came up with the idea of stealing from me today?" said Phil angrily.

Brent stood wide-eyed and silent.

"It was my idea," confessed Max.  "Sorry.  It was a dumb idea."

"It sure fucking was, boy!" exclaimed Phil.  "And you got your friend here in trouble too!  That's the bad thing about it.  Some fuckin' friend you are, Max!"

Max just looked down at the floor, genuinely regretful.

"Well.....I'm going to be very kind to both of you, considering the sin, but I think that your friend here deserves to get some revenge on you, Max.  So you boys come on back here so that you can get what you deserve," said Phil as he directed the two young men to follow him towards the back of the store where a long, wooden (and very worn-looking) sorting table stood against a wall right near an old, wooden chair with chipped orange paint flaking off of it.  It was clear to Max and Brent that this table and chair had probably been there before they were born, just for sorting convenience store goods year in and year out.

Phil's convenience store had a few fruits and vegetables in a cooler towards the back exit along with a couple of shelves of essential kitchen supplies.

"You!  What's-your-name, have a seat!" ordered Phil pointing at Brent.

"It's Brent, Mister," said Brent, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible.

"Okay, Brent, take a seat," repeated the shop keeper.

Brent did as ordered, the chair making a loud screeching sound as it scrapped across the floor.  Brent sat down, looking confused.

"Max, lie across his lap.  You need to be punished.  Brent, you're gonna spank Max for dragging you into this mess and you're gonna spank him good, you hear?," commanded Phil.

Max sighed.

It was as though a light lit up inside of Brent but he made sure not to show it outwardly.  A small bead of sweat rolled down Brent's forehead as he looked over at his gorgeous best friend.

"Max.....let's just get this over with.  Over my knee, buddy."

Max complied.  He assumed the position, bending over Brent's lap, the palms of his hands planted against the dirty wood floor, and his huge, globular butt cakes sticking up in the air, shining right towards Brent's face.

"Thank you, God," thought Brent, wondering if he said it out loud (he didn't).  What seemed like a stressful situation was quickly turning into one of the best days of his life.

Brent's hands were suddenly caressing Max's colossal, rounder-than-round ass cheeks.  Rubbery and dense, Max's over-puffed glutes went far beyond what Brent was hoping for as he smoothed his hands all over those buns; Max's bright, shiny, blue spandex made the sensation feel almost slippery.  In that bent-over position across Brent's lap, the seam on the butt of Max's tights dug deeper than ever between those XXXtra-sized buns.  As Max wiggled to get comfortable (as comfortable as possible, considering the position he was in), he could feel a hard protuberance poking against his lower stomach.  Brent had a major hard-on.  With his face being relatively close to Max's massive, juicy ass, Brent could definitely smell faint whiffs of sweaty boy-butt.  Brent found Max's scent intoxicating.

"I'm gonna have to spank your big butt, Max.  Sorry to do this to you, buddy," said Brent as he gently patted Max's overly-full, spandexed rump which jiggled with every subtle swat.

pat pat pat pat pat pat

jiggle, jiggle, jiggle bounced Max's enormous ass cakes against Brent's palms.

pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat

Clearly Brent enjoyed touching/softly spanking Max's super-deluxe booty.

"Enough of that soft stuff!  Take this and beat his ass!  Do it good or none of this is gonna count and I'll call the cops to deal with you two idiots," snapped Phil as he handed a white, rubber kitchen spatula to Brent.  Brent took the spatula, reeled back his arm, and started beating Max's rear with true gusto.

Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!

"Owwwww!!!!!  Fuck!!!  That hurts!!!!" Max cried out, wincing as Brent continued beating Max.

"You're a bad boy, Max.  Maybe this spanking is good for you," chimed in Phil.

Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack! went the spatula, the huge buns bouncing as jiggling harder as the punishment progressed further.  Brent's face was getting red from all the effort, sweat dripping into his eyes.

Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!

"No!!!!  Stop!!  I can't take anymore!  Stop!!!  Stop it, please!!!!" screamed Max as his tears plopped on the wooden floor beneath him.

Brent put down the spatula and placed it on the table next to him.  He began to caress and soothe Max's spectacular derriere.  Max's behind was very hot to the touch as heat radiated from it  "He's had enough!" exclaimed Brent to Phil.  "I don't want to hurt him anymore."

"You're going too easy on him!  I think that those oversized buns of his could take some more whippin'.  Pull down those tights!  I want to see him bare-assed," directed Phil.

Brent slowly, carefully rolled down Max's spandex, relieving the wedgie-inducing back seam from out of Max's deep, wet crack.  A stronger whiff of butt smell blasted Brent in the face as Max's sweaty, naked behind was brought into view.  Brent didn't know which one was sexier:  the musky, delicious smell from between those beyond-perfect, smooth cheeks or the bright pink color coating that incredible ass.  The spanking had obviously been effective as both he and Phil could see for themselves.  Incredibly, Max's massive glutes looked even more bulging, round, and full than they did encased in spandex.  Max's ass was clearly the Mt. Everest of male bubble butts.  It was a privilege to be even in the same room as that butt let alone be exposed to it in all it's magnificent glory.

Before allowing himself to be hypnotized by those jumbo-portion ass cheeks, Phil grabbed the spatula and walloped Max's nude, hot pink booty while the "whipping boy" continued to lay across Brent's lap.




"Fuuuuuccckkk!!!!!!" screamed Max.




Those hot pink globes turned a brighter red as the searing pain overwhelmed Max's behind.

"This hurts so bad," sobbed Max.  Phil rested for a second which gave Brent a chance to gently rub and sooth Max's ass.  Even stretching his entire hand across the expanse of one glute, Brent realized that Max's buns were so bulbous that a "handful" was not enough hand to cover one of Max's round cheeks.

"That's some prime meat, right there," thought Brent.  "A whole lot of hot ass."

Phil leaned over, swatted Brent's hands away, and separated Max's massive, red ass cheeks.  Both men looked down into that ripe, fleshy chasm to see Max's gorgeous, tight butthole.  The dewy, puckering sphincter reminded Brent of the pink color of bubble gum.

"Even though your butt cheeks are pretty much the size of basketballs, you've got a little stink winkle there, don't ya, Max?" chuckled Phil.  Max hadn't received Kara's strap-on in at least a couple of months so it was true that Max's pucker looked especially virginal.

"I'll be back in a second," said Phil with a gleam in his eye.  He let go of his grip on Max's glutes (which snapped shut with an alluring, rubbery jiggle) and skipped on over to a food cooler nearby.

"Now what?!" cried Max, humiliated, as he stayed bent over Brent's lap obediently.

"I don't know, buddy, but I promise that I'll get you out of here real soon," said his friend as he gently patted Max's sore butt cakes reassuringly.

Phil, with a huge grin on his grubby face, was back.  And he was holding up a typically-sized zucchini that was moderately long.

"That zucchini looks like a dick," thought Brent correctly.

"Since you like taking stuff from my store, Max, I thought that you should have this zucchini.  I'm giving it to you for free.  Brent, spread Max's bubble buns.  We're gonna shove it up his chute," said Phil with pure happiness.

"NOOOOO!!!!  No!  No!  Please don't do that!" relented Max.

"I gotta do as he says, Max.  Sorry, man," said Brent (somewhat) sympathetically as he parted his friend's enormous glutes, revealing that juicy, pink, tight hole again.  Max could feel the cool air of the shop hitting his sphincter which made his hole clamp up even tighter.

With his hands gripping the massive expanse of Max's buns, Brent realized that those buns reminded him more of bowling balls than basketballs (like what Phil said).  With their smoothness and extreme roundness, yes, Max's soft--but strong--ass cheeks seemed like skin-covered bowling balls to Brent as held them apart.  This made him chuckle a little bit while his hard-on became more and more pronounced.

"Why are you laughing, man?" asked Max with a pout.  "And I can feel that you've got a boner during all of this because it's hitting me in the stomach.  Fuck you, Brent."

"I'm not laughing, guy, that was a cough," lied Brent.  "And sometimes when I'm nervous, I get a chubby.  I can't help it.  It's just a weird reaction I get.  Sorry."  Another lie.

"You're getting a hard-on from this?" asked Phil to Brent as he was bringing one tip of the zucchini slowly closer and closer to Max's exposed butt hole.  "You didn't seem like a fag when you walked in but I guess it's hard to tell these days."

"I'm not gay, man, I'm just nervous.  This is really, really fucked up.  Can we leave now, sir, please?  You got your point across," answered Brent, becoming flustered.  Sweat was collecting again on his forehead and his face was blushing as he continued spreading Max's ass for Phil.

"We'll be done when I say we're done," replied Phil who was concentrating hard as he pressed the end of the vegetable towards Max's juicy aperture.

"No, no!!!!  Please don't!  Please don't!  Stop!" cried out Max when he felt the zucchini's tip pushing into his sphincter.  "It's too big!  It won't go in!"  The humiliation of this scene was too much for Max to handle.

"Bull!  This thing isn't any bigger than a good, healthy poop!  I think it'll fit in you just fine.  Neither of you are leaving here until this goes up that sexy butt of yours, Max, so you might as well take it like a man!" said Phil.  He tried pushing the zucchini back into Max again but Max's hole was puckered tight, intentionally locking it out.

"It's not going to fit!  It's too big!  It's too big!  Please just let us go!" cried Max.  Max knew that, if he wanted to, he could absolutely take this object inside of him.  He'd taken in bigger things before but Max was finding this situation especially traumatizing and he didn't want Phil sticking the zucchini inside of him.  Max felt extremely vulnerable having his hole stretched open, even if the object wasn't extraordinarily big.  As much as Max suffered in this situation, Phil and (secretly) Brent were enjoying every moment of it.

"Max, you're not leaving here until I stick this up your butt," said Phil matter-of-factly as he held up the zucchini.  He brought the tip of the vegetable--the side that had rubbed against Max's asshole--up to his nose.

"Mmmmm....," said Phil, savoring the aroma.  "Smells good to me.  That's the smell of a healthy, stinky young man.  I think we need to stick this in deeper."

"Maybe we need to lubricate it," chimed in Brent all of a sudden, trying to help.

"I don't really have anything in here right now to grease this up with," replied Phil.  He was actually telling the truth about his understocked, grubby little store.  Most of the shelves were lined with alcohol except for the pathetic fruit and vegetable cooler in the back which only held a couple of wilting lemons and, strangely, some zucchinis that one of the part-time workers had ordered on accident.

Phil thought for a moment as he looked down at Brent who still had Max over his knees and was still parting Max's epic ass cheeks, waiting for the evening's events to continue on.

"We're gonna have to use spit," declared Phil.

"You, mister," said the shop keeper pointing the zucchini at Brent, "you're gonna have to lean your head down and lick Max's stink winkle nice and wet.  Got it?"

Brent froze for a moment, realizing the gravity of Phil's demand.  Even in his wildest dreams (which were frequent), Brent never thought that he'd truly have a chance to rim Max.  But this was his chance.

"Max," said Brent, looking down at Max's spread buttocks, "I'm sorry that I've got to do this to you."

Immediately, Brent leaned down and shoved his nose against Max's anus, huffing in the musk, while Max's puffy buns pushed against his face.

sniff, sniff, sniff

"It's okay that you're stinky right now, Max.  You wouldn't be if I hadn't asked you to work out with me.  It's my fault," said Brent in a swoon.

sniff, sniff, sniff   sniiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffff went Brent with his face buried in Max's crack.

"Ahhh....," sighed Brent.

"Okay, buddy, I told you to be licking that ass not just sniffing at it!" ordered Phil.  "Get that tongue to work.  I don't want you two dummies here all night.  Lick that butt hole and lubricate it!"

And, with that, Brent began to slowly, romantically, swipe his tongue across Max's fragrant pucker.  Instinctively, Max clamped his huge bubble cheeks against Brent's face but Brent was pushing them apart with his hands.

"Max, Max.....don't fight it.  Just let me lick it.  I'll make it feel real good.....I won't hurt you, I promise.  Just open your butt up, please," whispered Brent blissfully.

"I can't believe that this is happening right now," said Max, slightly disturbed but, he had to admit to himself, Brent seemed to be a champion ass-worshiper.  Max relaxed his massive, round glutes and allowed Brent to nuzzle deeper into his crack.  Max stayed sprawled across Brent's lap and Brent--still sitting--leaned down and feasted in Max's bottom.

Brent kept his hands softly gripping and separating Max's buns while his face pushed in deeper and deeper into Max's crack.  Max could feel Brent's cock growing harder, pressing more severely against his stomach.

Phil sucked on the zucchini--fellating it, lubricating it--with his mouth as he watched Brent eat out Max.

"Fuck, you taste so good, Max," moaned Brent, his voice muffled from between Max's ginormous, balloon-like ass cakes.  He dragged his tongue down long, thick swipes from the top of Max's booty crack all the way, slowly, down to his Adonis-like friend's exposed balls.  Then Brent would slowly work his tongue back up again, savoring the juicy, musky flavor and scent between Max's huge glutes.  Brent sweetly kissed Max's pucker for a while before pressing the tip of his tongue as forcefully as he could against the opening, dipping the tip successfully into the aperture.  The taste of Max's succulent behind was amazing, surpassing anything experienced Brent had before in his sexual life.  "Phil, you scuzzbag piece of shit, thank you.  Thank you for making this crazy situation possible," thought Brent.  He licked all over the expanses of Max's glutes, tasting all over those big, round buns and enjoying them, licking them all over--the upper glutes, the lower portions, the deep, deep crack--and not just the pit between them.  But then Brent realized that maybe he was taking up too much time and returned his focus back to Max's hole.

"Open up for me, Max," said Brent, barely audible, his face buried between Max's out-of-this-world butt bubbles.  Max complied, relaxing his anus.  Brent could feel Max relaxing and was slowly pushing the front part of his tounge, gently, into Max's sphincter.  Max pressed his pink, spanked ass upwards towards Brent's face, helping his buddy get in there as his tight, little pucker would allow.  As soon as Brent was truly making serious progress with getting his tongue inside of Max's hole, Phil interrupted Brent.

"I guess that his little brown eye is lubed up as much as it can for now.  Let's get this zucchini in there.  Keep those balloon buns spread, Brent.  Max......it's time for you to open wide and say 'Ah'" said Phil as he got down on one knee, holding the vegetable.  Brent used his hands to part Max's oversized glutes.  Max's sphincter was visibly pinker and juicier from the rimming.

Phil stuck the wet tip of the licked zucchini against Max's glistening anus and slowly slid it into Max's chute.

"Oooh, fuck, it hurts!" exclaimed Max as the object was pushing deeper inside of him, entering into his tight, muscular aperture and slipping into his rectum.  "Oww, guys, fuck!  Ouch!"

"Just take it, Max.  You got this, buddy," said Brent, trying to cheer him on as the vegetable was sliding deeper into Max's ass.  Brent was fascinated by the sight of the object silently disappearing inside of his friend's tasty chute.  The fact that Max was helpless, and being dominated into this, turned Brent on like crazy; he could feel his boner getting harder to the point of being painful.  He let out a quick gasp that Phil didn't notice.

"Just a little bit further, sliding it in as it goes, just a little bit deeper," said Phil in a sadistic, sing-song voice as he pushed the girth of the vegetable inside of Max's chute, leaving a 4-inch length of the zucchini protruding out of Max's hole.

"Oh, god, fuck!!!  No more, please!!!" pleaded Max.

"That's as deep as I want it to go," said Phil, smiling and satisfied with his work, as he took in the vision of Max's big, round butt spread open with a zucchini sticking out of the pooper.

"Brent, make sure that Max gets a good fucking with that thing.  I want you to drive it in and out of him, make sure that it really stays up in there.  I think that that's what he deserves for being a little asshole.  If he wants to act like a little asshole then we're gonna do somethin' to his little asshole, right?" ranted Phil.

"Whatever you say, sir," replied Brent as he grabbed the protruding end of the zucchini--using it as a handle--and began plunging it in and out of Max's hole in a rhythmic motion while Max sobbed over his lap.

in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out.....

Brent's boner, pushing against Max's stomach, was shaking and swollen.  A feeling of panic swept across Brent as he realized that he might cum in his pants, right then and there.

"That's right, just like that," said Phil as he nodded, watching Brent giving Max his just desserts.  "You just keep on sticking it in there so that I don't have to do the same thing to you!  You got that, moron?"

But Brent ignored Phil.

in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out.....

Brent continued fucking Max with the vegetable, humiliating his beautiful friend, tormenting the most vulnerable part of his body.  Max's ass was magnificent and Brent couldn't believe his fortune in being able to taste, smell, and--now--penetrate the boy's incredible, bulbous behind.

Max's glowing, wet, hot pink butt bubbles jiggled and shook as his buddy fucked him with the zucchini.  Max sobbed softly, accepting the object penetrating him, resigned to his punishment and taking it.

A wave rose inside of Brent and a cascade of sensations.  His whole body shook as he felt cum gushing out of his cock and creaming the inside of his basketball shorts while Max layed across his lap.  The cum just kept on squirting shot after shot and shot.  Brent felt like this may have been the most extreme cumming that he ever had.

Max could feel his buddy shaking followed by spot of hot moisture expanding against his stomach.  Brent was cumming from torturing Max and now Max knew it.

Brent continued pushing the zucchini in and out, in and out of Max's ass, attempting to hide the orgasm that he just had.

"Enough!" barked Phil.  "Push that thing so that it stays firm up inside of him but leave a little bit poking out, got it?"

"Umm.....uh.....," stammered Brent, still coming down from his explosive orgasm, shorter less intense shots still gushing out of him and flooding his shorts.  "Yeah.  Got it."

"Max, stand up and keep that zucchini in your stink hole," ordered Phil with a grin.  Max slowly, carefully got up from off of Brent's lap, putting one hand to his ass, making sure that the vegetable stayed in place.  Brent stood up too.

Phil looked over at Brent's extremely apparent stiffy and saw the pool of white goo seeping through the young man's shorts.  A glob of cum dripped onto the wood floor beneath Brent.  Brent, not knowing what to do, did nothing but stand there looking dumb and shell-shocked.

"I see that you enjoyed yourself there, huh Brent?" Phil commented.  "I'm glad that you got something out of it.  Y'all need to leave before you get jizz and butt juice all over my god-damned floor.  I don't have time to be cleaning up after you, that's for fucking sure.  How ya feeling, Max?  Did that gigantic bubble ass of yours get a good workout today, huh?"

"Yeah," replied Max, in a quiet voice.  "......it really hurts."

"That's what punishments are for, young man.  You boys said you drove here, right?  So now, Max, you have to sit on that and keep it inside of you on the drive home and get your stupid selves right the fuck out of here before I decide to call the cops anyway," laughed Phil.

Max, sore inside and out, stood silent.  This was the most intense punishment he'd ever received from anyone.  The most painful.  He just wanted to get home as soon as possible.

"We, uh.....," spoke up Brent nervously, "We walked here, actually, so....I guess we'll just walk back now...."

Brent began walking towards the door.  Max following him as he slowly and carefully tried pulling his spandex tights up over his sore mega-cheeks.  He wasn't able to pull them up, however, because of the 4 inches of zucchini protruding out of his hole.  It looked like Max had a tail, like he was a puppy dog.  He just stood there with his blue, shiny spandex pulled down down below his butt as though he was trying to moon people.

"That's just too bad," said Phil, noticing Max's predicament.  "You're gonna have to walk home like that whether you like it or not.  Oh well."

Max and Brent walked towards the exit of the store, silently, turning left on the sidewalk outside, heading on their way back to Max's house.  Max's massive bare ass (with the zucchini sticking out of it) was bulging out from underneath his gym shirt, the balloon-like cheeks bouncing with every step.

"This is too humilating.  I can't do it, man," said Max.

"The quicker we go, the sooner we get back to your place, Max," Brent responded.

When they were a few yards away, they heard a familiar voice calling back at them.

"Hey, boys!" called out Phil.  "Don't even think about pulling that out and covering that butt until you get home.  I can see Max's huge, rosy ass from a long distance away and I'm gonna watch you until you disappear.  Or I'll call the cops.  Unless they stop you on the walk home because of Max's full moon shining out at everybody.  And, yeah, you can see that vegetable poking out of you, Max!!!  hehehe  Adios, boys, have a nice journey home!  If I ever see either of you coming into my store again, I'm gonna beat you with an electrical wire and cram the entire produce department up both of your wazoos!  Fucking morons!!!"

After listening to Phil's final taunt, Brent and Max picked up the pace and walked as quickly as they could (considering Max's predicament) back to Max's house.  It felt like a very long 7 blocks with that vegetable up Max's chute.  Luckily, street traffic wasn't busy and only a few drivers let it be known when they saw Max's bare ass (with the zucchini sticking out of it) bouncing down the sidewalk.  Brent counted only about 10 different car horns blaring at them in either disgust or celebration.

When they finally got inside Max's house, Brent had Max bend over the kitchen sink so he could carefully pull the zucchini from out of Max's hole.  Max felt a huge relief when the object slid from out of him.  His massive buns were still sore from his spanking and his chute felt thoroughly fucked.

Max, exhausted, stripped down naked and collapsed face-down on his bed, with his huge, round, pink bowling ball buns sticking up in the air.  Brent sat on the bed next to him.  The overhead fan on the ceiling whirled above them.

"You saw every inch of my ass already today, so do you mind if I air it out?  The cool air feels good," said Max, regaining his confidence.

"It's okay, man, no problem," said Brent who was more than happy to look at Max's bare, oversized behind.

"Sorry that I got us into that mess today.  I feel bad about it.  If I had any idea that he'd freak out like that, I wouldn't have had you try and steal those beers from him," apologized Max.  "Things got pretty weird in there.  Phil's a complete creep."

"It's okay, buddy," said Brent.  "Nobody died or anything.  And he didn't call the cops, so.....I guess it wasn't all bad."

"Jesus, my ass hurts right now!  Fuck!  Ouch....." exclaimed Max, feeling the soreness both on the outside and the inside of his super-sized rump.

"Let me kiss it all better for you......" said Brent as he leaned down and kissed one of Max's enormous buns.

"Don't do that, man," said Max.

"I was just joking with you, Max!  Relax," said Brent.  He wasn't joking at all but hoped that, perhaps, Max would allow another round of ass-worship.  No dice.  "I'll see you later.  Call me the next time you're around for a workout.  I can't wait to workout again, you know?"  Max turned his head and saw Brent wink at him before leaving the bedroom and exiting the house.

Max didn't know what to do.  He just continued laying face-down on his bed with his huge, round, and very sore behind sticking up towards the ceiling.  Hopefully his wife wouldn't be interested in ass-play tonight.....but Max wondered what he would do when Brent wanted to play with his butt for a while.

Would Max let him?  Would Brent even want to?  Was Brent secretly gay?

Max asked himself these questions as the cool air from the fan above soothed his punished booty as he drifted off to a late-afternoon nap.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Toy Box (Max story)

It was a Saturday in early February and pretty, petite, 22-year-old, brunette Kara needed to get some shopping done before Valentine's Day.  She called her gorgeous, hunky, 21-year-old husband Max on his iphone.

Max was over at his best friend Brent's house, watching sports on TV, drinking beer, and snacking on nachos.

brrring   brrrring   brrrring

Max answered his phone: "Hey, babe, what's going on?"

"Max, we need to go get a few more things before V-Day so let's go to Northlake and finish up," answered his wife.

Max just sighed, watched ESPN for 15 more minutes, and then left Brent's house to go pick up his wife and drive her to the mall.  

The mall was crowded and the young couple spent most of their time elbowing through different stores, looking for boring, schlocky Valentines gifts for Kara's family.  Kara loved sending cards and gifts to her family when she had an excuse.

Today, Max looked especially delicious.  His blonde hair had just gotten a fresh, new cut and his form-fitting, thin blue jeans hugged his gigantic, round bubble buns perfectly.  Although he looked perfect, he had a bad attitude about shopping with his wife so Kara told him that she'd meet him at 6 pm by the J.Crew store while she got the last few things.  This way Max could look in the stores that he wanted rather than looking for the right sparkly heart brooch for Kara's grandma.

The late afternoon whizzed by and Kara headed over to meet Max.  Right across from J.Crew, the mall had just opened up a brand-new womens lingerie store.  Kara looked at her phone and realized that she had a few more minutes to shop before she was due to meet Max so she bashfully headed into the lingerie store to peek around.

Inside the lingerie store, a 40-something, drag queen with a massive, purple afro worked the counter.

"Hello there, I'm Miss Julie.  Is there anything in particular that you're looking for today?," greeted the clerk as he (She!) sashayed over.  A red rose was pinned to the lapel of Miss Julie's colorful, sequined cardigan.

"Oh, no, no.....I'm just looking.  New store, huh?" smiled Kara as she noticed that this small shoppe was filled with all kinds of lacy and elaborate underpanties of high quality.  Kara wished that she had more money to spend on those kinds of things now that she was growing out her conservative upbringing and embracing a new approach.....

"That's right, sweetie!" squealed the clerk.

Kara's eyes shifted over to an area behind the counter where she noticed a small door cracked open that obviously led into a tiny back room.  As she focused in, Kara could see that, in the back room, there were confusing leather straps hanging up on hooks and shelves and shelves of what appeared to be an infinite selection of different dildos and vibrators.

"Uh oh, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't leave that door open.  I know that that can be too much for some people....," said Miss Julie who observed Kara's eyes widening as she stared at that little room behind the counter.

"No, it's fine.  I'm an adult.  It's no big deal," she giggled, stopping Miss Julie from closing the door.

"There's some amazing new products in there but I'm still trying to figure out how to display them in the store without offending people.  So, in the meantime, I'm just keeping them back there for.....for our more adventurous customers," said the queen with a wink.  "You have a boyfriend, doll?"

"Married," answered Kara.

"Well, good for you!  You married pretty young then.  Where's your husband, cutie?  Have him buy you something from here!" said Miss Julie.

"He's right over there, actually," Kara said as she pointed to tall, sexy Max across the hall.  He was looking at the windows of J.Crew, admiring the mens jackets on display.

Miss Julie looked over at Max.  Naturally, her jaw dropped when she caught a glance at Max's obscenely perky, overstuffed glutes which bulged out like two basketballs within the strained seat of his blue jeans.

"Your husband......is that cute jock boy with the humungous bubble butt?!?"  The clerk looked over at Kara with a scandalized look on her face.  "You lucky little bitch!"

"Yeah," giggled Kara.

"And he's a toned, worked-out guy--you can tell--but he's got that huge, round, poppin' booty!  Wow!" exclaimed Miss Julie.

"Yeah, he's always had a big ass.  He's kind of embarrassed by it though," said Kara.

"He shouldn't be!  Those buns are fabulous!" shrieked the clerk.

Kara was starting to get used to people making comments about Max's bottom so she just laughed it off.

"So.....are you two wild in the bedroom?" implored Miss Julie with a twinkle in her eye.

"Um, we've tried a few things here and there.  I've bought some things that I've never ended up using.  But....but there's more that I would like to do....," answered the girl.

"Do to that ass of his?" nudged the naughty clerk.

"Well.....yes," Kara answered honestly.

"I'm going to give you a Valentine gift box from this shop.  Good stuff only.  Okay?" said Miss Julie.

"Okay," smiled Kara.

"We have some sample items that I'm gonna give to you and I'll give you some tips and instructions as well," said the clerk who darted into the back room, grabbed a shiny, pink box, and began selecting what to put in.  Miss Julie smiled and closed the door to the back room so that Kara would be surprised by what was waiting for her (and Max!) inside that box.  

Kara waited for a few minutes while Miss Julie wrote some things down on a sheet of paper, placed the paper within the box, wrapped the box in ribbon, stuck a white bow on it, and handed it over to the young wife.

"How much?" asked Kara.

"No, dear, those are sample items for you.  It's a free gift.  Take it," said the clerk.

"No way!  That's so kind of you!  Thank you so much!," said Kara as she did a little jump.

"You're very welcome but, sweetheart...." said the drag queen.

"What?" implored Kara.

".....You gotta promise me that you'll use them according to your instructions and you have to report back to me how useful the toys were," commanded Miss Julie.

"Yes.  Yes, I'll try," said Kara.

"Do it, girl, don't just try!" said the drag queen.  "Now off you go!  Have fun......and be gentle on him."

"I will," said Kara, thrilled but nervous as she walked out the store and approached Max across the hall.  With her bags on her arms (trinkets for her family), Kara held the shiny, pink box from the lingerie store.

"What's that?" asked Max, looking at the pink gift box with the white bow.

"A gift for us," answered Kara.

As the young couple headed towards the mall exit, the drag queen clerk in the lingerie store watched them walk towards the doors.  Max's puffy, bulbous bubble buns jiggled and bounced as Miss Julie watched him exit, licking her glossy lips.

Max and Kara drove home, ate dinner, and started getting ready for bed.  On the nightstand beside the bed, Max noticed the pink box with the white bow on it.

"The early Valentine's Day present?" asked the young man.

"Uh....sure, you could say that.  I wanted to wait a couple of more days but I really think that we should crack it open tonight," smiled Kara.  "Max, let's have some fun."

Max was still groggy from all the beer that he had drank earlier that day with Brent.

"Can't we wait until morning, babe?" implored the beefcake.

"No, I want to have fun right now!" said Kara, pouting.  "Strip down and lie down on your tummy.  Pretty please...."

Now it became obvious to Max that Kara wanted to have fun with his big ass.  He assumed that she maybe wanted to do a little bit of rimming or play the "stinky butt game" as Kara called it (which just consisted of her burying her face between his massive, round cheeks and rubbing her nose on his hole).

Max stripped off his clothing, got completely bare-ass naked, and layed face-down on the bed.  Kara took off her clothes too as she enjoyed the sight of her husband's naked, bulbous rump sticking up towards the ceiling.  To Kara, Max's huge, round cheeks looked bigger and juicier than ever.....

Kara turned over to the nightstand and opened up the pink box.  Inside she found some intriguing gifts from Miss Julie, each one she would find out the uses for soon enough.  Along with them was a sheet of paper which Kara unfolded and read:

Hey, Honey!

I hope that you and your big-bottomed boy have fun with these!  Follow my directions and have a wonderful evening.

First of all, go over to that boy, spread his cheeks, and give that butt pucker a good licking!

"Max, we're gonna try a few new things tonight so just be open to it," said Kara in a sweet voice.

On the bed, tired Max was almost falling asleep.  "Okay, whatever," he said.

Kara wanted to follow Miss Julie's instructions to a "t", so she went over to the bed, lied on top of Max, and moved herself to a position where her face would be straight into Max's naked rear.  She used her hands to spread apart Max's massive glutes.  Immediately the deliciously cheesy, musky scent of Max's open butt entered her nostrils but Kara didn't want to spend the entire night just smelling Max (although she could....).  Kara began running her tongue up and down Max's pucker and crack, savoring the salty and slightly sour taste.  She flickered her tongue against his tight, little sphincter for a while and then followed that up with some muscle-power and force from her tongue, creating wide, thick, forceful licks.  Kara wished that her tongue was strong enough to actually penetrate deep inside Max's hole.  She was licking so hard and so forcefully--like a dog licking a spoon with peanut butter on it--that Max was concerned that his pucker was going to start feeling raw.....

"Baby, cool it down," grumbled Max, "You're going to make my asshole sore."

Kara immediately started licking Max's ass more gently, with soft little swipes from her tongue.

"Mmmmm!  I just love the way that you taste!  I can barely help myself," she mumbled, her voice barely audible since her face was buried between Max's massive buns.  Kara continued the soft rimming for a few more minutes and then decided to go to the next step.  She pulled her face from out of Max's ass, reached over to the nightstand, and read Miss Julie's next instruction.

Now that your boy's hole is wet, take the purple vibe, shove it in his ass, and turn on the button.

Kara removed a rubber, iridescent, shiny purple vibrator (about the size of a man's middle finger) from out of the gift box and aimed that toy right between Max's glutes.  With his hole still juicy and sticky from the licking, Kara was able to push the vibrator directly into Max's chute.  Max's tight, little sphincter gave her some initial resistance but with a little wiggle-and-shove, Kara was able to stick it in.

"Ow!!  Babe!  What are you doing!?!" exclaimed Max.

"I want to give that hot booty of yours a good workout tonight, Max," said his wife with a smile on her face.  Holding the vibrator in her hand while it penetrated Max's rectum, Kara pushed a button on the handle of the vibrator which turned on the tremors deep inside Max.  She could feel the toy activating while she held it in her hand.

"Oh.....oh wow......that feels so weird," said Max, getting used to the sensation.

Kara ran the toy in and out of his ass, half-way, for a little while.  Her hand started to feel numb from all the vibrations so she slid the toy out of Max's hole, turned off the vibration button, and then turned to her instructions.

His hole should be a little more open now.  Take this caramel sauce and rub some inside of his crack.  Lick it off.  The sweetness of the sauce should be delicious inside that hot butt.

Kara did as she was instructed.  She took out a tiny vial of caramel sauce from inside of the pink gift box.  She unscrewed the top, dunked her finger in, scooped out some of the sugary-smelling, soft caramel, and ran that finger deep into Max's crack.

"What's that?" asked Max, definitely awakening from out of his groggy beer buzz.

"Caramel for your sweet buns," answered his wife right before she dug her face back between Max's huge, round, athletic, bubble cheeks.

Kara ran her tongue up and down Max's crack, stuffing her face between his gigantic buns, licking all over his pucker.  The sweetness of the caramel was a perfect compliment to the musky tang of Max's natural butt funk.  The vibe had opened him up a bit, making Max's ass a little bit more stinky and tasty.

Once Kara had eaten all the caramel from inside of Max's rump, she went to the next written instruction.

Hopefully you've warmed up the outside of his hole so now I want you to warm up the inside too.  Take this small bottle of warming lube cream, get some on your finger, and lube up his chute.

As soon as Kara had squeezed some of the lube cream on her finger, she could feel the skin on her finger warming up ever so slightly.  It felt great and she knew that Max would soon be feeling great too.  Kara stuck her finger inside of Max's butt hole, running it in and out; the lube was perfectly slippery.  She loved the hot sensation of the warming cream all over her finger but, even more so, she loved the tight, muscular clamp of Max's anus puckering around her finger like a ring.

"Oh my god, that feels hot, baby.....," sighed Max while his wife finger-banged him.  The warming sensation of the lube cream was subtle and sexy inside of his ass.

Kara looked again at her instructions.

That lube is in there for a reason, dollface.  Take the ben-wa balls and pop them, one-by-one, into that tight hole!  Make him accept all of them.  Then slowly remove each and every ball but take your time.

From out of the pink gift box, Kara removed a string of 6 small, blue, rubber balls linked together on a thin rubber chord.  The ball at the end was the size of a small marble but then they got progressively larger.  The ball towards the handle of the toy--the largest ball--was the size of a baby's fist.  Kara wasn't sure if Max would be able to fit all of these small spheres inside of his rectum but he was going to have to try.

One-by-one, Kara pushed the first four balls inside Max's chute.

"Ooh, I think that that's enough, babe," said Max.  "I don't think that I can take any more...."  He began wiggling around uncomfortably.  Kara used her left hand to smack Max's buns.  The big, round cheeks jiggled as the four smallest ben-wa balls kept stuck inside of him.

Further down the instructions, Miss Julie had written:

If Bubble Buns gives you a hard time, use this paddle to discipline him.

Sure enough, inside the box, was a small pink paddle (it was really just a cheap ping-pong paddle lightly coated with a pink rubber layer).  But it would have to do.

"Max, you have to take all the balls inside of you or you get spanked," said Kara with determination in her voice.  She brought the paddle down on Max's jiggling butt loaves, giving them each a few good whacks on each cheek.

whack!   whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!

Max couldn't believe what was happening!  His wife was now on top of him, beating his thunder buns with one hand and trying to stuff another ben-wa ball into his chute with her other hand.

whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!

Max's massive cheeks quivered and shook with each swat.  He had to admit to himself that his wife was starting to hit him pretty hard; his buns were genuinely stinging now.  The pain in his hole was starting to intensify as one of the larger ben-wa balls was being crammed into him, stretching his sphincter open.  Kara kept spanking him.

whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!

"Are you going to listen and take it?!" asked Kara, commandingly, with a raised voice.

whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!

"Yeah, yeah, yeah--ooow!--just stop paddling me!" answered Max.

"Max, spread your legs wider and make sure that your asshole stays relaxed," Kara said, finally stopping the spanking.

"Alright, fine, I'll try.....," said Max, pitifully.

Kara pushed one of the largest balls into his hole.

"Oooh, god damn it, this is really starting to hurt!" said Max.

"Shut up and open up!" ordered his wife.

Kara could see Max's sphincter aperture widening as she slowly pushed the largest and final ben-wa ball into his hole.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!" yelled out Max.  His hole had never been opened like this before and it hurt.

whack!  whack!

"Keep those in there!  Relax!" said bossy Kara as she administered a couple more smacks with the paddle across Max's increasingly pink butt cheeks.  Max obeyed, holding all the ben-wa balls inside of him.  Kara gently massaged his collosal, bulbous, round  buns for a while as she kept her gaze intently on the rubber chord protruding out from his crack.

Kara grabbed the end of that chord and pulled, very slowly extracting the ben-wa balls, one by one, from out of Max's hole.

To Max, it was a very odd sensation.  He felt like he was releasing a big, thick poop.  He spread his legs wider and shoved his massive ass towards the ceiling and closer to his wife's face.  He relaxed his hole as the ben-wa balls emerged from within him.  Kara loved the sight of this.....and she enjoyed the smell also.

The rubber ben-wa balls did reveal traces of their journey inside Max's behind.  A few, small specks of matter stuck to the rubber balls and the chord but Kara didn't care.  Don't play in the backyard if you're afraid of getting a little dirty, she thought.  She placed the used ben-wa toy on the nightstand.  She'd clean it all later, she thought.

Kara grabbed the paper inside the pink box and read the last section of Miss Julie's notes:

"Drive it home, baby.  Strap-on time."

The last remaining items inside the box was a medium-sized black dildo with a flat, extended bottom to it and a jumble of leather straps and buckles.

It took a few minutes for Kara to figure out how to strap the device onto her pelvic area but she managed.  Max didn't mind a bit of rest to his aching hole.

"Babe.....?" spoke Max.

"What?" asked Kara.

"Do we have to continue with this?  My ass really hurts....." pleaded Max.

"Yes, we do.  I'm not done with you yet," she said as a wide grin suddenly crept across her face.  She had just figured out how to arrange the dildo through the metal ring on her strap-on.  She was ready now.

Kara felt transformed.  "So this is kind of what it feels like to be a guy.....," she thought to herself as she looked down at the dildo that appeared to be part of her.....and then she looked over at her gorgeous, young husband's succulent, irresistable butt.

She positioned herself between his legs and aimed the tip of the dildo right between Max's jumbo, puffy cheeks.

"Now remember to stay relaxed, Max.  You're about to get fucked," Kara said.

She slowly pushed her pelvis toward's Max's behind, shoving the black rubber cock deep inside of him.

"Ooooh, god baby, please be gentle...." sobbed Max.

"I'll try, Max, if you're a good boy.  Just take this and be a man," instructed Kara as she thrust, rhythmicly, in and out, fucking Max's hole deep with her dildo appendage.

in and out, in and out, in and out.......

Max began to whimper.  His ass had never been abused like this.  And to think that it was his own, sweet, innocent little wife who was ripping him open!  Was this a taste of things to come?  Did she think that she would be doing this on a regular basis....?

Max's rectum felt filled, invaded, and aching and his anus felt like it was on fire....

"Baby, stop, please, you're fucking me too hard.  My butt can't take any more of this!  Please!" begged Max, his face nestled into his pillow.  His cock was as hard as a rock.  He felt like, just maybe, he would be able to cum like this......to cum while being fucked.

"Just a little while longer.....if I feel like being kind to you....," said Kara wickedly.  In truth, she loved this power, she loved the idea that she was fucking Max's A+++ ass, and she loved the feeling of the dildo bottom poking at her pussy.  It felt great!  She knew that she was about to cum herself.  Max thrust his ass back towards Kara, pressing his cheeks to her pelvis, forcing the toy deeper inside of him.  Kara loved the feeling of Max's big, bopping buns bouncing against her body like a pair of soft boulders.

"Just a bit more, Max!" said Kara, panting.

In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out and in went the dildo, fucking Max more than he ever thought he could handle.

Kara moaned as she orgasmed.......the thrusts slowed down and she tenderly rubbed and squeezed Max's warm glutes as the climaxing waves began to trail away from her.

Feeling his wife's hands on his buns, as well as the dildo slowly, gently sliding in and out of him, Max came too, shooting jets and jets of thick, white jism onto the bedspread beneath him.  He shuddered and gasped for air as the most intense orgasm of his life shot out of him in creamy waves.

For a few more moments, Kara remained on top of Max, with the dildo still inside of him and her strap-on still buckled around her.  She hugged him and kissed the back of his neck sweetly.

A few days after Valentine's Day, Kara drove over to the mall and entered Miss Julie's lingerie shoppe.

The drag queen's eyes lit up when she saw her pretty, young protege stroll in through the doorway.

"So, sweetie, how did it go?  Did you enjoy those toys?" asked Miss Julie.

"I did.  I really, really did," answered Kara, her face bright.

"And how about hunky Mr. Bubble Buns?.....Did he enjoy them too?" followed up the drag queen.

"I think so.  I hope so," answered the girl.

"Well, for his sake I hope he did.  Because, you know, every once in a while, the sex toy manufacturers send me freebie samples and I'd rather hand them out to my favorite visitors than to just have them sitting in the back room collecting dust," said Miss Julie, winking at Kara.

"Oh, I'd be willing to try out new things......to try them out on Max.  I'm obsessed with his ass, I admit it," Kara giggled.

"I don't blame you one bit, dear.  I'll call you when we get new shipments.  It's on me.  I'll consider it a community-building exercise since we both appreciate a hot booty on a hot man.  You're a young couple so I figure that you could use all the help that you could get," said Miss Julie.

"You'd really do that for me?  I mean, for us?  Wow, thank you!" exclaimed Kara, hugging Miss Julie.

"No problem, dollface.  No problem at all.  I'm here to help," said Miss Julie.  She went over to the counter and grabbed a card and pen so that Kara could write down her private cell phone number.  Miss Julie would be more than happy to call Kara to come and get free toy samples when she got the chance.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Cherry-Popping Doctor's Office (Max story)

Every year or so--depending on if he remembered to do it--Fantasy Point theme park CEO Mr. Gregg would make his entire staff get physicals and drug tests.  It helped Mr. Gregg get rid of employees that he thought (usually correctly) were addicts.

This year, Mr. Gregg made an announcement that everyone had to turn in a physical and drug test before the end of July.

This would, of course, include our hot, blonde, buff Max.

Two days before Max went in to go get his physical, he made the unwise mistake of smoking pot with his buddy Brent.  Max went to the doctor's office, had a typical physical and drug test (aside from the fact that the middle-aged female nurse could not stop gawking at Max's oversized bubble buns).  That day, however, the doctor was out-of-town and he never did end up meeting Max since the nurse took care of everything.

A few days later, Max got a call on his cell phone.

Dr. Rick:  "Is this Max?"

Max:  "Yes, this is."

Dr. Rick:  "Max, I need you to come down to my office tomorrow.  It seems that there was an issue with your drug test."

Max knew exactly what the problem was but he didn't think that the small amount of pot that he smoked with Brent was enough to show up on the drug test.  But he was wrong about that.

Dr. Rick:  "Could you be there at 4 pm?"

Max:  "Um.....yes.  Yes, sir.  I will."

Max hung up the phone.  He was in real trouble now.  He couldn't afford to lose his job at Fantasy Point.  Or, instead, what if his boss Mr. Gregg were to find out but punish him for it?  Mr. Gregg would use it as an excuse to spank (or do much worse to) Max's colossal ass.  Any excuse he could find to have some "bonding time" with Max's mega-sized keister, he took it.

The next day--just a couple of days before the end of July--Max had off from work and drove over to the doctor's office.

It didn't take Max too long to get into the office but, once there, he waited on the examination table for about 45 minutes before Dr. Rick to finally come in.

Dr. Rick was a handsome man, in his early-40's, with chestnut hair and dark brown eyes.  He's mid-heigth and average build.  Although he is engaged to a female nurse, he always considered himself bi-curious but never had a chance to act on it.  Many times, on many occasions, the doctor had fantasized about getting a hot piece of man ass.

Dr. Rick entered the office and was immediately struck by how sexy and good-looking tall, blonde Max was.  With his god-like build and perfect, All-American boy face, it was difficult for anyone--man, woman, gay, straight--to not be attracted to Max's looks......and his amazing ass.

Dr. Rick extended his hand to Max who shook it.

"It's good to meet you, Max.  Before I give you your copy of the physical and drug test, I was concerned about one of the results in particular......"

As Max got out of his chair to go over and look at the paper, Dr. Rick noticed the two, round, massive, globe-like bulges practically busting out of the back of Max's basketball shorts.  For a moment, the doctor almost lost his train of thought....

"Um.....but....butt....butt....," stammered the doctor.

"But what, doctor?," asked Max, confused.

"I....uh.....," replied the doctor as he regained his train of thought.  "It seems that your test came up positive for marijuana."

Max could feel sweat beading on his forehead.  What would he do now?!

"Maybe there was some kind of mistake, doc?," said Max, grasping at straws.

"Not quite," answered Dr. Rick.  "These tests are remarkably accurate.  I don't know what to tell you, Max...."

Then Dr. Rick came up with a lightning-quick idea.  He would retest Max.  This would give him the perfect chance he needed to try out some man ass (and what a prime specimen Max was!).  If the drug test came out clear, then good for Max.  If the test came out positive for marijuana, maybe Max would be willing to work with him on "bending the facts" in exchange for Max bending over.

Dr. Rick had never done anything that sleazy before.  But this young man Max was unbelievably sexy, his rear end was a real-life exaggerated version of the perfect bubble-butt, he didn't seem like a genius, and maybe--just maybe--this scheme would work.

"Let's re-do your physical and drug test," said the doctor.

Dr. Rick made Max head into the bathroom to pee in the cup.  Unfortunately for Max, the urine tested positive for marijuana again.  But Dr. Rick didn't tell him that so, instead, he did his own version of the truth.

"Max, it seems that your urine does seem like it may be positive for traces of marijuana but I can't be sure.  I could mark it as either positive or negative because the traces are very weak....It's a tough call," schemed Dr. Rick.

"Please, doc!" exclaimed Max, "Don't mark that down!  I can't fail this drug test and I need to turn it in in a couple of days to my boss!  C'mon, man, please!"

Dr. Rick loved that pleading look on Max's pretty-boy face.  How could he resist those bright blue eyes?

"Maybe, Max, we'll see....," said the doctor.  "Let's redo your physical and make this work, alright?"

"You got it, doc," said Max.

Dr. Rick went through the motions of checking Max's heartbeat, sight, reflexes, and the rest of a standard physical.  He tried to keep his gaze away from Max's ass; whenever he would look at those bodacious glutes, he could feel his cock getting harder.  He didn't want Max to notice this.  At least not yet.

Now came the part that Dr. Rick was looking forward to.

"Max, you're a man now, so it's time to get your prostate checked out," said the doctor.

Max gulped.

"Remove your shorts and lay down on your stomach on top of the exam table," said Dr. Rick.

Max pulled down his basketball shorts and kicked them to the side of the room.

Dr. Rick couldn't believe his eyes.

Although Max's buns were each the size of a basketball, what those buns reminded Dr. Rick most of were a pair of perfectly round, huge, luscious, white cakes.  The doctor wanted to practically eat them.

Today, Max wore a pale blue jockstrap underneath his shorts which (needlessly) framed the ass cheeks even more, making them pop out more than ever (if that was even possible), exaggerating and accentuating them to a more extreme degree.

Max got up on the exam table and layed face-down.  His incredible, absurdly globular buttocks stuck up at attention towards the ceiling, a couple of perfectly spherical mountains of flesh.  Indeed, they looked like two soft but firm white bowling balls side by side.

And they felt soft and firm too as Dr. Rick was now realizing as he placed his left hand on Max's left glute and his right hand on Max's right glute.  The doctor began to carefully, subtly massage Max's enormous buns.

"Holy christ, Max," said the doctor "I've examined hundreds of people but I've never, ever seen such an incredibly round, big, perfect butt like yours before.....Maybe to some people, your butt would be too big to be perfect, but I can't believe how amazing your ass is!  I happen to be an ass-man myself, Max, so I can appreciate what a sensational, unique bottom you have....Wow, such big, round cheeks!  They really are something!"

Max should have seen this coming but he didn't think that the doctor would be like this.  Max just sighed as he layed face-down on the exam table.  He rested his arms beneath his chin.  He figured that this may end up taking a while.  He decided that he would just endure this butt examination and, perhaps, the doctor would be kind to him and give him the drug test and physical results that would be acceptable for work.

"Let's discuss this butt of your's, Max.....," said Dr. Rick.

"If we really have to, doc," Max responded.

"It's obvious by looking at your physique that you're athletic and work out.  What I find astonishing is how highly developed your glutes are.  Is this recent?" asked the doctor as he used his hands to keep massaging Max's massive ass cheeks.  He was working up the confidence to spread the buns apart in rhythm as the massage progressed--he really wanted to get a peek at that delicious little pucker between them.

"They've always been that way, sir.  Especially the last few years," answered Max.

"According to your file, you just turned 21 so, yes, your body is becoming more manly.  You're ripening in a sense......," said the doctor as he walked over to a cabinet and retrieved a longer and wider than normal-sized thermometer.

"To make sure that this is a thorough exam, I should really make sure to take your temperature too," explained Dr. Rick.

Max opened his mouth.

"Haha, oh no, not there, Max," said the doctor.  He walked over to the table on which Max was laying and spread apart Max's bulbous buns.

Max's tight, hairless, puckering little asshole was the color of strawberry taffy.  Max was nervous and sweaty during this very, very intimate examination.  His sphincter looked slightly dewy and moist as a result.  Dr. Rick easily slid the thermometer, slowly and carefully, into Max's juicy, tight hole; he enjoyed watching the object sink deeper into Max's butt.  He stopped pushing it in so the thermometer would have 6 inches left outside the young man's massive bottom.  Because Max's cheeks were so round and full, once the doctor released spreading them, the buns closed shut like normal, almost completely covering the top inches of the thermometer.

"Because your buns are so round, I need to watch that thermometer just to make sure that it doesn't get completely sucked inside you," said the doctor.

Which was a ridiculous claim but served as an excuse when the doctor used his hands to re-spread Max's glutes open so that he could simply enjoy the sight of the thermomter plunged into Max's anus.

Max tried clamping his buns back together and seemed visibly agitated.

"I'm just going to keep spreading you open like this for another minute or so, Max, while your temperature is being taken.  It may feel uncomfortable but it only needs a few more moments to go.....," said the doctor who was feeling a sadistic pride with this scenario.

"It's not just that, doc, it's.....it's....ugh....," said Max while a pained look crossed his face.

"Just a few more seconds, Max," instructed Dr. Rick and, indeed, a few seconds later, he slowly removed the thermometer from Max's hole.  He looked at the temperature which proved to be the normal 98.6.  Even though the object had been removed from inside Max, the young man seemed uncomfortable as he layed on his stomach, giant buns thrusting upwards.

"What's wrong, Max?  Did that hurt your little hole?" asked the doctor in mock concern.

"Only a little bit, doc, but I....I kind of have to rip one," said Max, embarrassed.

"We're both men here, Max, so if you need to fart, go a head and do it," said the doctor, amused.

Max relaxed his jockstrap-framed butt and aimed his big cheeks up in the air.  A couple of loud, quick sounds reverberated from between them.

pppphhhhrrrrpppt!      pphhrrrttt!

A few seconds later, the small room contained a noticeable, raunchy essence.

"Feel better?" asked Dr. Rick.

"Yeah.....sorry, doc," answered Max.

"That's alright, Max.  Because your bubble butt is so round and bulbous, it may make your farts louder when they're released.  They really have to fight to escape from between those big buns!" said the doctor, attempting to make light of the situation but, obviously, perving out.

"I wouldn't normally do this, but since we're comfortable together, I want to be able to fully assess your health by taking a holistic approach to examining you, " said Dr. Rick.  He took a quick whiff of the thermometer, placed it on the desk, went over to the exam table, spread apart Max's buns, leaned down, and pressed his nose to Max's juicy, little pucker.

sniff sniff sniff sniff            sniff sniff sniff

sniff sniff

"You smell good, Max," observed Dr. Rick.  "Nice and healthy."  He went in for a few more whiffs.

sniff sniff sniff

Max could feel the doctor's nostrils flexing against his anus while the tip of the man's nose pushed against his sphincter.

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff

"A ripe, manly musk," said Dr. Rick, never happier.

sniff sniff sniff

Dr. Rick pressed his nose as hard as he could towards Max's asshole.  Max pushed his butt upwards so that the doctor's face would be deeper submerged between his cheeks.  If the doctor insisted on deeply sniffing his butt, Max wanted to hurry the process thoroughly along.

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff

Finally, after a minute or so of furious smelling, Max could feel the doctor's nose literally, shallowly, penetrate his sphincter.  The doctor rested there for a while, enjoying the sensation of Max's hole puckering against the tip of his buried nose.  Plus, he loved the scent.

After a while, the doctor was afraid that he would cum immediately in his pants, so he lifted his face from out between Max's glutes.  "Ahh!  You smell exactly the way that a strong, healthy, young man should!  Very nice!" said the doctor with a smile on his face.  Max couldn't believe what was happening.

"And now for the prostate exam....," said Dr. Rick as he shoved his pointer finger--without a medical and glove and without lube since he figured that Max's natural juicy funk would be suffiencent--between Max's thick cheeks.

The pushed his finger inside Max's tight hole, slipping it inside, down to the knuckle.  He wiggled it in until he was able to feel Max's healthy, normal prostate.

Dr. Rick deeply enjoyed the feeling of having his finger inside Max's ass.  The velvety, soft, tight chute was deliciously warm and wet.  He felt as though the tight, strong muscle of the anus was practically sucking on his digit.  The doctor smoothly, slowly ran his finger in and out of the young man's butt, loving the vice-like, clamping sensation on the skin of his pointer.  The rest of his hand was fully buried between the massive, round buns which clamped open and close around the hand as the doctor finger-fucked Max's hole.

Max pushed his ass back and forth, towards the doctor's finger, in rhythm as the "prostate exam" continued.  Assessing the other guys who had found an excuse to finangle their fingers up his bountiful rump, Max had to admit to himself that Dr. Rick seemed to know what he was doing and did the best job at it.  The doctor's smooth, firm finger-fucking felt good to Max......who was starting to sport a generous erection himself.

"It looks like that feels pretty nice to you, Max" said the doctor, with a smile on his face, as he ran his finger in and out of the young man's hole.

"It feels.....I....I don't know how to describe it, doc," replied Max, his boner growing harder.

"Young man, I would be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to your drug test if you'd be willing to allow me to continue the rest of your prostate exam in a slightly unconventional way," Dr. Rick proposed.

He popped his finger from out of Max's big, juicy butt and walked over to the supplies cabinet across the office room.  The doctor squeezed a fair amount of gel liquid lubricant from out of a bottle.  He unzipped his dress pants and applied the gel to his hard, attractive, slightly larger than medium-sized cock.  With the lubricant dripping off of his prick, the doctor walked back over to Max on the exam table and stood at the end of it.

Doctor Rick told Max to push his body towards the end of the table and to wrap his muscular legs around the doctor's waist.  Now, in this position, Max had his legs around the doctor's body.  Rick's hard cock rested between Max's bulbous glutes like a moderately sized wiener overwhelmed between a pair of oversized buns.

Max turned his head slightly to look behind at this arrangement.

"I've never actually been fucked by a man's cock before, Sir.  Please be gentle with me," pleaded Max, knowing that his chocolate cherry was about to be officially popped.

"I'm going to make this as easy as I can for you, Max," said the doctor who was sweating with anticipation and joy.  "I want you to slowly, carefully push yourself against my erection so that you're opening yourself up gradually".  The doctor positioned the lubed-up head of his dick so that it firmly pressed against Max's tight, little pucker.

Max followed his orders.  He pushed himself against the doctor's cock and could feel the slippery tip gradually begin to penetrate his anus.  It felt hot and burning.  His hole was extremely tight and Max realized that this would require some work AND it was probably going to hurt.

"You're very, very tight, Max," said the doctor.  "I want you to make sure that you stay completely relaxed--that your hole is absolutely relaxed and open to penetration.  Do you understand me, son?"

"Yeah, doctor, I'll do the best I can," answered Max.

"Stay completely relaxed as I'm going to slowly, gently push myself into you," instructed Dr. Rick.

The doctor grabbed Max's waist and gently pushed himself with a gradual force deeper into Max's body, his cock felt resistance from the tight chute at first but, after a few moments, his cock slowly slid, slid, slid deeper into Max's rectum.

"Ow, doc, ow!  It hurts!" exclaimed Max as he tightened his legs around the doctor's waist.  His oversized, round buns clamped around the bottom of the doctor's shaft but to no avail.  The cock was fully entered.

Doctor Rick had never felt such an incredible sensation like this before.  The fantastic tightness of Max's hole and chute created a heavenly feeling for the doctor's hard-as-a-rock penis.  Max's big, soft, jiggling buns rubbed against Rick's balls.  The doctor began fucking Max slowly, smoothly running his dick in and out of the young man's hole.

in and out, in and out

Max tightened his anus around the doctor's shaft, trying to make sense of this painful but pleasurable sensation.  His anus burned and his rectum felt filled as the doctor continued fucking him.  So this is what it feels like to be fucked!, thought Max.  The only thing that he could reference was the feeling of taking a big poop but this was obviously a much more strange sensation filled him up and then filled him deeper in rhythm as the doctor began pushing himself in and out with a bigger urgency.

in and out, in and out, in and out

Max winced, pushing his face against the exam table as the fucking carried on.

in and out, in and out

2 minutes of fucking

The doctor looked down, watching Max's bubble buns bouncing and jiggling against his body as his cock slid in and out of the boy's chute.  Although he kept one hand at Max's waist, the doctor used his other hand to playfully spank the big buns as the fucking continued.

Slap!  Slap!  Slap!  Slap!

"You were a bad boy, Max.  You deserve to get this huge butt of yours fucked!" said Dr. Rick as he swatted those basketball-sized cheeks, making them bounce and jiggle even more.

in and out, slid the doctor's cock

in and out, in and out, in and out

5 minutes later, the rock-hard doctor felt like he was about to explode inside Max's ass.

"Doc, this really hurts, I don't know how much longer I can handle it," said Max, panting.

All of a sudden, the two men heard a gentle knocking at the closed door.  Dr. Rick's nurse noticed that this exam seemed to be taking longer than usual and he had other patients starting to fill up the outside waiting room.

"Doctor, is everything okay?  Your other patients are here," said the nurse outside.

"Yes, everything is fine.  I'll be finished in a moment," said the startled doctor, as calmly and normally as he could.

All he had to do was look down at that incredible ass that he was fucking and then, suddenly, the doctor exploded inside of Max.  He had the most fulfilling and earth-shattering climax he had ever experienced.  He felt streams and streams of cum shooting out of his cock and into Max's rectum.  Max, exhausted, continued to open and close his gigantic, round glutes around the doctor's shaft as the doctor's orgasm wound down.

Max had not cum.  Although he, himself, was also as hard as a rock by this point, the fucking had been too painful and his anus felt too stretched.

The doctor slowly slid his dick from out of Max's ass.  On his cock, he noticed some blood and some dark traces.  Max, after all, had just received his first real fucking and the evidence was now on the doctor's cock.

Dr. Rick wiped himself off and instructed Max to clean himself off in the adjoining bathroom.

Max followed his orders, wiped out his sore ass (and, yes, he did notice the blood traces on the wiping papers), flushed them away, got dressed, and went back into the office.

"Here are your physical and drug test results, Max" said Dr. Rick as he handed the young man his copies of the documents to bring to work at Fantasy Point.  "You passed with flying colors."

Max said a quiet "Thank you, doc", shook the man's hand, and exited the busy doctor's office building.

As Max walked to the car, he could feel the soreness of his recently-opened anus.  The ride home would feel like a long one.  Dr. Rick's semen leaked out of his asshole, leaving a moist patch on the car seat which he noticed when he got home.  After he gave himself a necessary, cleansing enema, Max went back out to the car and had to spent a couple of minutes cleaning off the car seat.

Max felt sore into the evening and at the next day at work.  It took 3 days before he felt back to normal after receiving his first, true fucking.  After that, his tight, little pucker was back to normal.

In Dr. Rick's examination room, immediately after his fucking of Max, the good doctor made sure to open a window, to air out the musky room before his other patients arrived.  Needless to say, Max had received a very unique, one-of-a-kind exam.