Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quality Time (Max story 16)

After working a long shift out at Fantasy Point Amusement Park, 21-year-old Max stayed in his Captain Fantasy superhero costume (thin and shiny white spandex shirt and tights, blue leather boots) and had his wife Kara drop him off at his parents' house.

Although Max was over 6 feet tall, blonde, blue-eyed, athletic, incredibly handsome, and hunky, his father (Blake) was a short, skinny, little dork who collected stamps and painted train sets.  Max, physically, took after his uncles on his mom's side.  Max looked like a young Nordic god-in-training.....a Nordic god--minus the beard--but with huge, obscenely bulbous, sexy pair of bubble buns.

Two days before, Blake had called Max and asked him if he would come with him to visit an elderly lady from church and cheer her up in his superhero outfit.  Blake had heard around town that Max's work costume was "awesome" but he had never seen his son wearing it so he didn't have any idea of how "awesome" the costume is and why it would be considered by many to look so "awesome" on Max.....

Blake just assumed that it was a colorful outfit with a cape and a lightning bolt or whatnot as an emblem.

ring ding!

Kara drove away (she was planning on picking up Max later that evening to take him to their own house) while Max rang the doorbell to his childhood home.

Blake opened the door--the skinny, middle-aged nerd stood for a moment with his jaw open as he saw his son Max for the first time in the work uniform.  There stood gorgeous, strapping Max, glistening in his white spandex outfit that was so tight, shiny, and almost translucent......that it looked as though the boy was practically naked.

Max noticed his father's reaction but wasn't sure what to make of it.

"Well, dad, you told me to wear my work costume to visit the old lady.  So here it is.  What do you think of it?" asked Max.

Blake was stunned silent for a moment.  "Uh....uh....Max.....I don't know what to think.  It's.....uh....very revealing."

"I know, dad," replied Max who was finally starting to get used to the outfit and the reactions that it caused.

"Your costume may be a bit inappropriate for visiting Doris.   I mean it's a bit too sexy-looking....," said Blake nervously.

"No, dad, it's fine.  She's old.  She probably won't be able to see all that much anyway," said cocky Max.

"Max, Max, Max......  I don't know what to think.  Let me grab my keys and let's head over there.  I promised her that we would....," said Blake.

Max walked in front of his father towards his father's car and Blake trailed behind him.  For the first time, Blake caught sight of Max's massive, obscenely round bubble buns jiggling and bouncing in those white spandex tights.  The vertical seam on the seat of the spandex looked as though it was being sucked up into Max's asshole--that's how tight the spandex was; that's how severe the wedgie was.  Max's white spandex pants were, essentially, ballet tights.  They looked like a second skin.  It was impossible for them to get any tighter or to cling more intensely to Max's bowling ball-sized glutes.  With every step he took, it looked as though Max's tights wedgie dove deeper and deeper between his jiggling, bouncing, overly round butt cheeks.

Blake wasn't sure what to think of this.  In some ways, this was an almost over-the-top, boner-inducing sight--Max's incredibly huge, globular buttocks were the most intensely big, perfectly round, poppin' bubble buns that most humans had ever seen--but Blake wasn't so sure if he liked the idea of how much other people must stare at his son's incredible ass on a day-to-day basis.

Blake got in the driver's seat and Max got into the passenger's seat.  Blake turned the ignition and off they went to Doris's house 5 minutes away.

"Did you bring your superhero mask, Max?  I'm sure that she'd love it," said Blake.

"Oh shit, dad!  I left it in the other car!" exclaimed Max.

"Don't use that language, son!  I don't like that.  I didn't raise you to talk like that, now.  I really wish that you would have remembered to bring the mask since it completes the whole superhero costume but.....we'll have to do without it.  Your physique, Max, and that outfit really makes you look like a superhero I have to admit," said Blake.

"Thanks, dad," smiled Max.  It was always nice to receive compliments from his normally shy father.

"But....uh....I noticed that your costume is pretty extreme in the seat area...." said his concerned dad.

"It's because I have a big butt, dad," said Max.

"I know that, Max, but gosh!  Couldn't they have at least given you a cape or something!?!  Your bottom sticks out so much that that's probably all that people look at for cryin' out loud!" said Blake.

"I'm used to it by now.  And my costume just doesn't have a cape for some reason," replied Max.

"But those tights dig so far up into your ass crack!  Doesn't it hurt?" said his father with sweat beading on his forehead as he drove along.

"Yeah, these tights are stuck up my butt all day long but it doesn't really hurt too much.  I'm getting used to it," chuckled Max.

"I think that the costume is inappropriate, Max.  I'm just going to go ahead and say it.  You're too bottom-heavy for this kind of an outfit, in my opinion, but if it doesn't bother your crazy boss and if people don't complain about how revealing the costume is, then I guess that there's really nothing that I can do about it...." said neurotic Blake.

"I know, dad.  It's a revealing costume.  But it's my job to wear it and play the superhero at the park.  The money is okay," said Max.

"Well.....fine.  But if I would have known how sexy your uniform is, I wouldn't have promised Doris that we'd visit her with you wearing that.  I hope that she doesn't have a heart attack.....," said Blake uncomfortably as they arrived at their destination.  Blake pulled the car into Doris's driveway and parked.  They house was a typical, small suburban home in a picket-fence neighborhood.

The two men were let in by Doris's doughty nurse (whose eye practically popped out by the sight of Max's delicious body and XXXtra-large booty in that spandex outfit).

Doris (a frail, gray-haired old lay hooked up to a respirator) was happy to see Blake (her old friend from church) and his handsome son.  Doris wasn't feeling or seeing well but she understood that Max was a gorgeous young man.

"Why is he dressed like that?" rasped the old lady.

"Doris, this is my son, Max.  He plays a superhero at the amusement park," said Blake.

"He plays a what?" said the hard-of-hearing old gal.

"A superhero!  Max plays a superhero at the amusement park," repeated Blake.

"Oh!  Like Superman," smiled Doris.

"Yeah, like a Superman type of character but the costume is white instead of blue and there's no cape or underoo's," said Max.  Blake shot an annoyed glance at his son.

"How cute!" said Doris.

Although her vision wasn't so great, Doris was able to get an impression of Max in his Captain Fantasy outfit.  And it did cheer her up even though, during the visit, Max never turned his back to the old lady.  She never saw his gigantic bubble butt.  But, perhaps, it was for the best or maybe the old gal would have died from a heart attack right on the spot.  The folks all visited for about 15 minutes or so and then Blake thought that it would be best to head out and let Doris get her rest.

As the two men were walking out the door, Doris's nurse enjoyed watching Max's hypnotic derriere.  

"I really like your costume, Max," smiled the frumpy nurse with raised eyebrows.

"Haha, oh thanks," said Max.  "It's the ass that's your favorite part, isn't it?"  Max turned to the lady and winked.

"Oh, you are trouble, young man!" she giggled as she shut the door and got back to her shift.  The nurse felt a little bit of wetness between her legs and excused herself for a moment to wipe off in the bathroom before attending back to Doris.

On the way home, Blake was silent while driving.

"What's wrong, dad?" asked Max.

"What you said back there to that nurse was inappropriate, Max.  I didn't teach you to act that way, especially around ladies," replied Blake.

"Oh relax, dad.  Calm down," said Max.

"I need to be more strict with you, Max.  I realize that now," said the usually meek father as he pulled into the family home driveway.

Max and Blake entered their family home.  Max's mom, Deborah, was doing some volunteer work--like she did every Tuesday--so she wasn't at home.  It was just Max and his dad.

"Max, I have something to show you upstairs," said Blake as he led his son up the stairs into Max's old bedroom.  The bedroom had not been repainted since Max had moved into his own home across town (only about 10 minutes away) now that he was married to Kara.

Max's former bedroom was now being used as a "guest room" by his parents.  There was a bed and a nightstand but it was obvious that the room was also being used as a sort of storage room for some of Blake's model train sets and stamp books along with Deborah's old sewing machine and a few boxes of clothes.

Blake sat down on the bed and looked up at his hunky, blonde son.

"Max, I feel like all these years I haven't been a strong enough disciplinarian for you.....I haven't been a strong enough father for you," said Blake.

"No, dad, you've been a great father," said Max, brushing him off and not quite realizing what Blake had in mind......

"I need to show you that, even though you're now a grown-up married young man, I am still in charge and I am still expected, as your father, to keep you in line....." said Blake with determination in his voice.

"Uh....okay, dad.  Whatever," said Max.

Blake patted his own knees.  "Max, get over my lap right now.  I'm going to give you a spanking."

"Dad, stop it.  We're not doing this...." said Max, starting to get nervous.

"Yes we are, Max," replied Blake.

"Not while I'm wearing this, dad, c'mon, please," pleaded Max.

"Actually, those spandex tights that you're wearing will be perfect for your spanking.  Now get over my lap.  Do it, son."  Although Blake spoke strongly, he never raised his voice.  Max knew that his dad meant business so he followed his father's order and layed face-down horizontally over his dad's lap.  The bed creaked as the hunky young man assumed the position.

"I want your big butt sticking as far upwards as possible, boy, so position yourself appropriately please," ordered Blake.  

Max did as he was told, shifting his body in a way that made him as bent-over as possible over his father's lap.  Max's oversized, puffy rump jutted up towards the ceiling, directed right at Blake's face.  Blake glanced down to observe Max's gigantic, spandexed ass popping up towards his face like a pair of gleaming, thick, bulbous, round hills.  The vertical back seam on the seat of Max's shiny, white spandex tights was jammed severely into the butt crack.  The wedgie couldn't get more extreme than this as the fabric was firmly stuck between Max's massive buns and to his dewy, funky butt-pucker.

"Your tights are too tight, looks like the fabric is getting sucked deep into your butt.  That wedgie looks like it hurts, son," chuckled Blake even though he was trying to stay a stern disciplinarian.  "Your tights are too tight and your buns are too round and plump.  You don't need to be bringing extra attention to that big butt of yours, Max.  You need to be polite."

pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat

Blake began lightly patting his son's mountainous rump; every time his hand subtly swatted Max's ass, the big cheeks would bounce and jiggle like huge, round bubbles of jello.

pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat

This "spanking" didn't hurt at all; wimpy Blake was lightly swatting Max's colossal buns.....just enjoying watching the excessively-ample butt cheeks bounce, jiggle, and shake with every small level of impact.  Blake was simply reveling in having his hand bouncing all across his son's ginormous, spandexed derriere.

pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat

"Dad, this is really embarrassing," said Max with his face pressed to the bed's comforter.

pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat

"Good," said Blake.  "I want you to feel embarrassed."  Sweat beaded on the skinny old man's forehead as he continued working on Max's unbelievably voluptuous bubble ass; his hand going back and forth from the left cheek to the right cheek, over and over, back and forth, left cheek, right cheek.

bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat

Blake loved how firm yet soft his son's bowling ball-sized butt cheeks are as they bounced against his hand--massive muscles covered with a thick, rubbery, youthful layer of juicy baby fat.

As the spanking continued, Max instinctively relaxed and clamped his glutes in a rhythm, opening and closing his butt; bobbing his massive, globular ass up higher and an inch lower, up higher and an inch lower, his huge and round cheeks getting closer and closer towards his father's face.  The rhythmic squeezing and relaxing of his glutes made the back seam of Max's spandex tights--which were already wedged deep in his sweaty crack severely enough--get more and more thoroughly stuck by the natural funk and stickiness deep between those buns.  The seam rubbed deeper and deeper and was almost literally penetrating his tight, little butthole.

Blake gently pulled the back of Max's white, shiny spandex tights upwards a bit more, making his son's wedgie even more deep and accentuated.

"Oooh, dad, don't do that.  The spandex are digging up my ass enough as it is.  Ouch....," whined Max.

"Be quiet, Max.  Your tights can't dig into your ass much more than they already are but I'm going to make it a little bit worse for you.  If you like showing off your oversized bubble butt so much, then I'm going to make sure that I punish you in these tight pants from time to time.  To me, these look like they were meant to be your spanking tights.  I suppose that this is what happens to superheros when they're naughty," said Blake, with a smile on his face.

pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat

Blake, glancing down at the young hunk over his lap, never took his eyes--not even for second--away from those overfull, jiggling buttocks that were thrusting closer and closer towards his face.  It seemed as though Max was practically humping his father's lap, his big buns bouncing and shaking, while daddy gently spanked him.

pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat

For 15 minutes, Blake sat mezmerized--with his hot jock son sprawled horizontally across his lap--patting those gargantuan, beefy buns.  The back seam of Max's white spandex tights wedging deeper, deeper, and deeper into his butt as the punishment progressed.

pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat  pat......

"Max, I'm going to change your position now," said Blake and he gently but akwardly repositioned his hunky son--while the old bed creaked loudly--so that Max was now in the Wheelbarrow Spanking position.  This meant that Max's hands were now on the floor--palms pressed to the wood planks--and his father stayed sitting, positioned between Max's legs which were sticking up in the air........Max's legs were spread wide apart and his huge ass aimed up at the ceiling--much, much closer to his father face.  Blake's body was now between Max's legs; all he had to do now was lean forward if he wanted squeeze his face between Max's massive, bulbous glutes.....if he wanted to.  And, indeed, Blake would love to have his face enveloped between his son's insanely hot, huge butt cheeks......

But Blake was in no rush.  He was biding his time, figuring out the best way to humble his over-confidant son.  He wanted to show Max that he was capable of addressing Max's rude attitude (while also, secretly, loving spending some quality time with the young man's incredible ass).

Max had never been spanked in this Wheelbarrow Position before.  He found this extremely humiliating--perhaps even the most humiliating position that he had ever been in--with his head towards the floor, his legs spread open, his booted feet in the air.....and his wedgied, white spandexed bubble cheeks thrust directly at his father's face.

Blake felt his glasses steaming up.....his nose was only a few inches away from Max's overpuffed buns.  Blake felt tempted to just go ahead and slide his nose in the boy's increasingly open ass crack, yet he was able to resist and show some self-restraint.  A serious boner was swelling in Blake's pants.

With his legs spread open like this, it was a strain for Max to clench his huge rump loaves shut but he didn't want to relax his had been a long, active day at work and, without a doubt, he had what was known as "swamp ass".....a sweaty, juicy, and most likely, a stinky butt.  With his father's face so close to his ass, it was certain that Blake would be able to smell him.  Max's thin, spandex tights would do little to block the aroma, especially since the back seam of the tights had been sticking to his butthole all day long, being severely wedged between his cheeks since 8 in the morning.

With his legs spread wide around his father's body, and his ass aiming right at his dad's nose, Max felt defeated and exposed.  How could his father do this to him?!

Blake now rested his hands on Max's oversized, spherical ass cakes, doing his best to grab a hold of as much of that excessive rump flesh as possible.  "Max, relax your cheeks.  I want you to be able to feel the swats of your spanking but if you clench them, that's cheating," said the nerdy dad.

"But dad......I don't want my ass to be too open....," said Max, embarrassed.

"Max, I told you to relax your buns, so do as I say!" ordered Blake.  So Max stopped squeezing his glutes shut--he did as he was told.

Blake used his hands to fondle and massage Max's ginormous ass globes for a few minutes.  "Such a big, round bubble goodness.....," said geeky Blake as his hands gently smooshed and spread his son's ass open and closed in a perverted rhythm.  When he separated the bulbous cheeks, Blake could clearly see Max's sweaty, puckering little butthole right through the white spandex.  Blake bent forward, placing his nose in Max's butt crevice, aiming for that butthole, taking in quick, soft whiffs of the boy's pungent scent.

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff

sniff sniff

Blake found the musky, cheesy aroma of Max's ass to be delicious and incredibly sexy.  The thin, stretched-to-the-limit spandex covering the young man's butt did almost nothing to minimize the smell since Blake's nose was now pressed against Max's juicy little asshole--Max may as well have been bare naked, the scent was so strong.  Blake rubbed his nose against the pucker with more force.....

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff

"I'm sorry about the smell, dad.  There's nothing I can do about it right now," said Max, ashamed.

"It's okay, son.  It's only natural.  I'm going to be punishing you more frequently after you work--I'm going to be working on your butt more often--so I guess that......I guess that I'd better get used to this smell....." said Blake as he spread Max's huge buns apart and took a few more whiffs.

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff

"What do you mean that you're going to be punishing me more?  Why?" asked Max.

"Because I feel that I need to.  And it's long overdue, Max," replied his father.

pat! pat! pat! pat! pat! pat! pat!

Blake spanked those massive, boulder cakes some more, just to emphasize his point (and just for the pleasure of seeing them jiggle upon impact).  That spandex wedgie dug deeper and deeper into Max's butt.

", please stop," pleaded Max.

"This isn't even hurting you, Max, and you know it," said Blake.  "But I have something here that will make more of an impression, young man, and that's what I wanted to show you...."

Max turned his face away from the floor, looking up and over to his father as he leaned over and removed a thin rubber ruler from out of the drawer of the nearby night stand.  The ruler was a standard size office ruler but it had rounded edges and was made of shiny, flexible black rubber.

"I bought this just for you, Max," said Blake.

whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!

Blake whipped Max's butt with the ruler, administering moderate, flat stings across the expanse of those oversized, overly-round cheeks.

whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!

The cheeks bounced and shook with every flat whack!; Blake enjoyed this close-up view of his hunky son's gigantic rump receiving its just desserts as the seam of Max's shiny, white tights got more and more stuck to the dewy, puckering asshole.


Blake secretly continued enjoying the raunchy, addictive scent of Max's big, sweaty ass in his face as he went forward with the spanking.

whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!

After a good 10 minutes of spanking (and smelling) his son's oversized bubble butt, Blake stuck the ruler between Max's cheeks, gently running it up and down the boy's ass crack and rubbing it against the juicy butthole.

"I hope that you learned your lesson for today, Max.  I expect that you'll be more polite from now on," said the father.

"I will, dad.  I promise," replied Max.

"There's going to be more lessons coming up for you," explained Blake as he continued teasing Max's crevice with the ruler, "Now that I'm starting to understand the value in punishing you."

Blake took the ruler out from between Max's buns and brought it up to his nose.


Blake really loved that smell.

A while later, the two men sat downstairs watching the sports channel silently, awkwardly, as they waited for Max's wife, Kara, to come and pick up Max and drive him to their newlywed house.

On the drive home, Max and Kara exchanged small talk but Kara knew that something was wrong with Max.  "Max, is everything alright?  You seem weird," asked the pretty brunette.

"No, I'm alright, babe.  Sometimes my dad can be a little strange," Max answered.

"He's a shy man but at least you guys will be spending more quality time with each other.  He seemed really excited for you to come back and hang out with him next time when we were leaving.....," said Kara.

"Yeah," said Max.  "He sure seems excited for me to go back.  That's true."

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Driving and Spanking (Max story 15)

Kara--Max's pretty, young wife--thought that it would be a great idea to round up both sides of the family (Max's parents and Kara's parents) and haul everyone on a trip to see the Grand Canyon.

Kara's parents (Albert and Jennifer) agreed that a family vacation, especially a road trip in a big RV, would be an overdue vacation.

Max's parents (Blake and Deborah) thought that it sounded good and it would give them an opportunity to get to know Kara's parents better.

Two more of Kara's relatives--her 35-year-old cousin Alan and his wife Laurie--managed to talk their way into being included as well.  That would mean that there'd be plenty of people stuffed into this RV but everyone agreed that it would be a fun time.

Everyone except for Max.  He didn't want to go.

Gorgeously hunky, blonde, 21-year-old Max didn't like the idea of stuffing his over-proportioned, perfectly round, thick bubble butt cheeks into the same vehicle as Kara's family.  It didn't sound like fun at all to him.  Max knew that Kara's family had issues with him--they always did--and they seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with his massive ass;  always making fun of it and even whipping and "having their way with" his big butt during a camping trip not too long ago.  Alan, especially, had it out for Max.

The departure day of the RV drive all the way across the US, from North Carolina to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, went fine.  Kara and Max rented out the RV and drove over to everyone's houses to pick them up.  Max told Kara that he didn't want to go on this trip but she insisted that it would bring the whole family closer together.  Everyone took turns taking 3-hour shifts driving; everyone except for Deborah and Kara who were intimidated by the big vehicle so they declined their chances to get behind the wheel. Everyone was getting along.  Kara's parents went to extra lengths to be warm and friendly to Max's shy parents.  Albert liked Blake and Deborah--he just didn't like their cocky, spoiled, Adonis-like son--his son-in-law, Max.

8 people inside of one gargantuan RV is a lot of people.  It was close quarters but everyone got along well enough, spending their time reading, looking out the windows, playing cards, and talking.  The restaurant and diner breaks went fine.  Everything seemed swell at the moment.

Kara's family was very well-off financially but they came from old, Appalachian roughneck stock.  They could be loud, vulgar, and pushy.  Max's family, on the other hand, were mild, middle-class folks who were more listeners than talkers.

Max's mom, Deborah, was a sweet, attractive gal who worked as a teacher at a catholic school.  Max's dad, Blake, worked as an office manager and was heading close to retirement.  Bespectacled Blake was a shy, almost timid, man--a bit short, very thin, and not worth noticing.  He was nothing like his son, strapping stud Max.

Max didn't take after either of his parents.  Deborah always joked that Max was closer genetically to his uncles--that Max took after some of her older brothers, physically, more than either of his parents.  Handsome, muscular, big-butted blonde Max looked odd standing next to his very average, brunette parents.  People oftentimes didn't believe that they were his folks.  Max--and his amazing, one-of-a-kind bubble butt--is physically exceptional.

Shy Blake and temperate Deborah never spanked their only child, Max.  They ran a mellow, progressive, liberal household in which everyone stayed pleasant and did their own thing.  Although Max was never a super scholar, his parents were proud of his athletic achievements in high school.  Whenever Max got into trouble (sneaking out, drinking with friends, smoking pot in the garage, etc.), they discussed their displeasure with him and took away his cell phone for a couple of days.  Or they forced Max to turn down invitations to parties for that weekend.  That sort of thing.  Discipline wasn't their specialty and half the time Max whined his way out of their practically-nonexistent punishments.  Basically, Max walked all over his parents when he was growing up.  He still did, actually.

On secret moments during Max's childhood and teenage years, Blake thought that maybe the ineffective punishments needed to be scrapped for more harsh discipline.  Blake considered spanking Max but he never went there.  He knew that his wife would never allow "outdated" physical punishments to be applied to her darling boy.  Blake was, of course, aware that his son had the most bulbous bubble butt cheeks that he had ever seen on a fit young man.  Perhaps that's why he never wanted to start spanking Max.....maybe Blake was afraid that he would become too often determined to resort to corporeal punishment.  

In his most private thoughts, Blake was afraid that he'd enjoy spanking Max.....It was better to not even start going down that road.  It was a vile, disgusting thought.  Blake cast those ideas out of his head as quickly as they popped in there.

Kara's dad, Albert, on the other hand, was looking for any excuse to get close to Max's massive rump.  He was a firm believer in the "spare the rod" philosophy and didn't want to waste an opportunity presenting itself--the opportunity being Max's enormous derriere.

The first time that Max was ever spanked was at the age of 20 by his boss at work (who took great joy in doing so).  And never in a million years would Max ever tell his parents that his father-in-law had put him over his knee.  He would be too embarrassed to tell them what had happened.  Max always kept his punishments private--he was a man, after all, and the idea that older, more-powerful, men in his life would humiliate him that way was not something that he was proud of.  Max was embarrassed that he accepted those whippings.  Rather than running away or fighting the men off, Max accepted the butt abuse in order to admit his mistakes and to retain his status.  If Mr. Greg (Max's boss) hadn't spanked him, Max probably would have been fired from his job long ago.  If he wouldn't have allowed Albert to whip him after being mouthy, Max doubted that Kara's family would have continued to financially support him and Kara.  Just accepting his spankings made Max's life easier.  In some ways.

By the time the group arrived in New Mexico, Max had been wearing the same blue, fitted t-shirt and thin cotton, knee-length, form-fitting khaki cargo shorts (that hugged his jumbo butt boulders in the very best ways) for the last two days.  The back vertical seam on the seat of Max's shorts ever-so-slightly crept its way into his ass wasn't as extreme as the spandex wedgie that Max put up with constantly at work (his uniform was a white spandex superhero outfit for Fantasy Point Amusement Park) but that vertical seam on his khaki shorts was sort of perpetually nestled between his beefy, bulbous cheeks--visually emphasizing them more so if that was even possible--and, depending on the moment, a section of the seam was sticking to his sweaty butthole.  Because of his humongous glutes, Max oftentimes had at least a moderate wedgie but he realized that these khaki shorts were digging in deeper than most of his other pants.  He almost never wore traditional underwear because his ass wore them down too easily.  Max typically wore only a jockstrap beneath his pants.  So there was nothing Max could do about the wedgie.  As soon as he picked the wedgie from out of his ass, the back seam would just dive right back in there as though his puckering anus was some kind of a magnet.  So there was really no point in worrying about it.  Max figured that other people would find it nasty if they saw a grown man (even an obnoxiously handsome young man) picking at the seat of his pants.  Plus, it would generate more attention towards his massive bubble ass and that would be totally unnecessary.  His ass got enough attention already.  No point in creating more attention.  Max just allowed the back seam of his khaki shorts to creep up in there as far as it wanted.  There was nothing he could do about it.  Max always felt like his own pants were constantly trying to butt-fuck him.

He looked forward to shower time later that evening.  It was a hot day and Max felt a bit sweaty, dirty, and smelly but, nonetheless, he looked as sporty and extremely sexy as a young, all-American man possibly could.  When everyone exited the RV to take a break at a rest stop, the other travelers there couldn't take their eyes off this blonde hunk with the oversized, jiggling ass muffins who was walking around and stretching his legs.

Two teenage girls nearby poked at their gay, 20-something brother.

"Oh my god, Dave, look at that guy's ass!!!" squealed one of the girls.  The brother looked over towards Max.  "Holy shit!  That is some major donk!  Damn!  Do you think that I should go over and talk to him?  Do you think he might be gay?  With an ass like that, I hope somebody is drilling it."

But before Dave even got the chance to say hello, Albert rounded up the Max and Kara group and they all drove off in their RV.

It was now Max's turn behind the wheel.

On a lonely desert road stretch, not too far away from sunset time, Albert approached Max who was driving up front.  Albert noticed that, even though he was busy driving, Max was checking his iphone for any texts from his buddies.

Albert got close to Max's ear, not wanting to cause a rukus, but wanting to make his point crystal clear.

"Hey, Max, how you doin' up here?," asked Albert.

"Alright," replied his son-in-law.

"You've got most of your family in this vehicle with you and you're in charge of our safety.  Put down the damn phone," said the old man with a subtle steeliness in his voice.

Max immediately tossed the iphone on the dashboard.

"No problem.  Sorry," Max said briskly as he turned his attention fully back to the road.

Albert went back to the poker game, towards the passengers area.

A few minutes later, Max figured that Albert would be occupied with the card game so he grabbed his iphone from off the dashboard.  Max noticed that his best buddy Brent has sent him a text about an upcoming keg party.  Max read the message and texted back (while driving) and forth with Brent.  Max's eyes gazed at the road and then towards his phone, back to the road, back to texting.  This carried on for a while.

Max didn't notice that he was allowing the RV to slowly drift towards the left-hand lane, towards oncoming traffic.  Because there weren't many other vehicles on the road with them, it was easy for Max not to pay total attention.


A semi truck was barreling towards the RV!

Max quickly swerved the RV back into the right lane just in the nick of time, barely missing the terrifying body of the semi truck.  Although the two vehicles didn't smash into each other, the RV was going fast.  It swerved and rocked to the point where--in the passenger area--luggage and goodies were flying out of storage compartments and falling down on top of Kara, the parents, and the cousins.  Max could hear them screaming back there along with the sounds of a glass smashing and various, numerous thuds.  Luckily, there was a diner just a few yards ahead, on the side of the road.  Max drove over to the diner and parked the RV in the parking lot.

With sweat beading on his forehead, Max hurried back towards the passenger area.

"Is everyone alright!?!" asked the panicked (and very guilty) Max.

The passenger area was a mess.  Corn chips were all over the carpet, the playing cards were scattered everywhere, and suitcases cluttered the floor.  No windows were broken but a drinking glass had toppled off the table and layed smashed on the stairs.

Everyone was shocked and silent at that moment.

"," stuttered Max's mom finally.  "I think that everyone is a okay....right?"

For a second no one said anything.

Laurie was pressing her hand on the side of her scalp.

"God fucking damn it, I got scratched!  A fucking suitcase fell on my fucking head!" exclaimed Laurie.  "Sorry for cussing but, Jesus Christ, it hurts!"

"Oh my god, honey, are you okay!?!," said Jennifer, leaning towards Laurie and inspecting the wound.  Laurie's palm showed a speckle of blood but it was obvious that it was no big deal.  Laurie wasn't about to let an opportunity pass by for which she had the chance to act bitchy and melodramatic.

Everyone else, including Max, was wide-eyed.

Deborah decided that she need to placate this situation.  "Let's all go take a break, head inside the diner for a for a while, and then we'll clean up in here later," said Max's mom.

The entire group exited the RV and walked through the parking lot, heading towards the diner.  Max, Albert, and Blake, however, lagged behind in the parking lot, right near the RV.  It was clear, from the expression in his eyes, that Albert was furious.  In the parking lot was a group of local good ol' boys sitting on chairs and crates.  They were smoking, drinking, and laughing loudly.  Their lit cigars glowed like fireflies in the increasing darkness.

"I told you to put away that god damn phone, boy!" yelled Albert.

The rest of the group went into the diner.  Except for Max's timid dad, Blake, who stood behind Albert, not knowing what to do.

"Max, you weren't playing with your phone while you were driving, were you?  I can't believe you would do that with that big RV and everything.....," asked Blake, barely raising his voice.

"No, I wasn--," started Max, but he was cut off by Albert.

"Bullshit!" bellowed Albert.  "You're damn right he was playing with that god damn phone!  I asked him to knock it off once but what other reason would he have for almost crashing us headfirst into a megaton, god damn semi truck!?!  He almost got us all killed!"

"For cryin' out loud, Max, what is wrong with you?" asked Blake.  "Are you feeling dizzy?"

"Yeah, I mean, I kind of feel out of it you know, I wasn't paying attention, I got distracted--," mumbled Max, trying to grasp the out that his father was slyly nudging towards him as an excuse.

"You got distracted alright!" interrupted Albert, ever the Alpha.  "Distracted by that damn phone of yours!"

"I don't know--" Max attempted.

"Well, I do know!" yelled Albert, breaking Max's excuse (of course).  "You and I both know what happened.  Don't try to bullshit your dad and me, young man!  Have some respect!  You almost sent us straight to the pearly gates, for fuck's sake!"

"I....I'm so sorry, let's clean up," said Max sheepishly as he turned towards the RV.  Max entered the messy vehicle, found some garbage bags in a cabinet, and starting tossing the debris inside of a big, black garbage bag, while he picked the carpet, on his hands and knees, for glass pieces and crushed corn chips.  His huge, round butt cheeks stuck up in the air as he cleaned.  The back seam of his khaki shorts dug deep between his incredibly round, thick buns, becoming more and more stuck to his dewy, ripe sphincter.  The lines of his jockstrap were visible through the shorts.  Outside, for a moment, the two old dads got distracted by the sight of Max's XXXtra deluxe booty jutting and jiggling at them through the door as Max worked.

Maybe this would be the right time to spank.....

"Alright, Max, let's get this place cleaned up," said Blake breaking the spell.  He and Albert (who was now silent, always furious) entered the RV to join Max in the clean up effort.  Blake set the table right and found a few remaining pieces of the shattered drinking cup while Albert dramatically PUSHED! and SHOVED! the suitcases back into their overhead storage compartments, making sure that the two other men noted his every angry movement as he SLAMMED! the compartments shut.

Within a couple of minutes, everything was fine.  Cleaned up and back to normal.  No harm to the RV, just a scary moment for it's driver and passengers.  The biggest damage was the cheap, broken drinking glass and less corn chips in the snack bag (and, also, the band-aid that was currently being applied to the side of Laurie's head in the diner's womens restroom while Deborah, Jennifer, and Alan ordered some small cartons of pie to go as comfort food for everyone when they continued the drive).

Max, Blake, and Albert exited the RV and stood next to it in the parking lot, waiting for the rest of the family to leave the diner.  This way they could get some fresh air and, hopefully, the rest of Albert's nuclear anger would float off into the night sky.  Albert inspected the outside of the vehicle, making sure that nothing had been damaged.  Max hoped that, since his parents were around, that Albert wasn't going to be too tough on him but that wasn't going to be the case.....

The good ol' boys nearby continued their jolly conversation but were also paying attention to these strangers with the nice RV across the parking lot.  It was clear to them that there was some kind of drama going on but they were trying to mind their own business.....

Albert finished his inspection and approached Max and his dad.  "Max, you're damn fortunate that the RV is okay because I sure the hell wasn't going to pay for any of it if you had screwed anything up.  And neither was your pop here, ain't that right Blake?" scolded Albert.  Blake was silent, staring off towards the diner, attempting to look more angry than he really felt, in order to impress Albert.  Blake was trying to look as disapproving of Max's actions as he could, to give the impression that he, too, could be a cold, hard, patriarchal disciplinarian.  In his own way. 

But it would be up to Albert to figure out how to close the case on this crime.

Albert walked over to the good, ol' boys.  "Gentleman, would you mind if I borrowed one of those unused sittin' crates for a little while?" asked Max's father-in-law.

"Oh, sure, go right ahead, Mister.  You can even keep it if you'd like.  We got plenty of 'em," said a heavy-set man in overalls, with a smoky, old-fashioned pipe dangling from his lips.  The man handed Albert a 3 ft. tall, square wooden crate which Albert easily carried across the parking lot, back towards Max and Blake.  Max didn't have a good feeling about this.....

Albert dropped the crate down on the pavement and sat on top of it, using it as a chair.  He let out a relaxed sigh as he stared up at father and son.  

"Blake, could I have your permission for somethin'?" said Albert.

"Um...uh...sure, Albert, what's your inquiry?" replied Max's dad.

"Just because the RV got lucky tonight doesn't mean that Max is going to be so lucky.  I would like to tan his hide if that's alright with you," said Albert.

"Dad, no!" Max exclaimed, turning towards Blake.

"I um.....I don't really.....I don't know," answered Blake truthfully.

"C'mon, man, can't you see that that son of yours is spoiled rotten?  He needs to be taught a lesson.  He needs to learn respect and responsibility.  C'mon, let me show that oversized keister of his who's boss...." smiled Albert with a raise of his eyebrow.

"No, dad, we don't do that at our house!" pleaded Max.  This was like something out of a nightmare....

"You're not in your sweet, little house right now, are ya, Max?!  Those rules don't mean shit here," threatened Albert.

"I'm sorry, Max, but this.....This might be for your own good, son....Yes, Albert, maybe this is the right thing to do.  I'm sorry, Max," said Blake, trying not to make eye contact with his panicing son.  Big, strong, athletic Max clung to his twerpy father's shirt, trying to hide behind, him like a pathetic little boy.  It was hilarious.  And, indeed, the good ol' boys nearby were happy to have front row seats to this unexpected comedy.

Albert looked up at Max.  

Albert, sitting on the crate, patted his own knee with a sinister sense of joy.  "Over my lap, boy."

"Max, I want you to be a man and take your punishment.  Stop acting like a child.  If you act in childishly irresponsible ways, then you need to be dealt with in a corresponding manner.  Go lay over Albert's lap and make your big bottom available," said Max's dad with a sudden, direct tone.

Max slowly walked over to Albert.  "Dad, I can't believe that you're letting this happen....," said the blonde, hunky 21-year-old, looking back towards Blake.

"Max, do it.  Enough already.  You heard me.  Butt in the air, young man," ordered Blake.

Max obediently bent over Albert's lap.  He positioned himself as comfortably as possible.  As he layed horizontally on his stomach over his father-in-law's lap, Max scooted himself so that his gigantic butt loaves would be tilted up, as close as possible, to Albert's face.  Max knew how Albert would want it.  Albert could practically look down and take a bite out of Max's over-puffed buns if he wanted to.

Max stared down at the black pavement, waiting for his punishment.

The sight of big, strong Max bent over with his massive, round, bodacious butt cheeks popping up towards the stars, right at the old man's face, made everyone stare in awe.  The back seam of those form-fitting khaki shorts got lost within the grand canyon that divided Max's basketball-like bubble cheeks, getting sucked in towards his juicy pucker.  The strained, thin material clinging like shrink wrap to those massive glutes, looked as though the shorts were about to burst.  These shorts were extremely tight and revealing--they would be just fine for a true, old-fashioned, public beating.  Everyone could see the lines of Max's jockstrap showing through.

The good ol' boys had stopped conversing.  Now they were all staring at this wonderful show.

Albert began to run his hands all over Max's gigantic buns.....caressing them, squeezing them, squishing them.  Almost lovingly.  At this moment, it appeared that the most kindness that Albert had ever shown Max was when he had his hands all over the boy's rear.  Albert was taking his time molesting and smooshing Max's massive butt cheeks.  Albert began to massage the boy's ass loaves with a perverted, concentrated rhythm--he pushed them together and then slightly spread them apart, in an almost circular motion....together and apart, together and though he was an expert baker preparing and kneading dough.  Albert made it seem that preparing Max's gigantic cheeks for spanking was something of a science.

Blake simply watched this scene, not knowing what to think.  Had he made the wrong choice in allowing Albert to punish his son?

The good ol' boys watching nearby were getting impatient.

Albert was completely occupied with his hands on Max's oversized buns, the vertical seat seam of the shorts going deeper and deeper into the crevice as the old man tenderly massaged his son-in-law's massive, round, doughy butt boulders .  Pushing them together, spreading them apart, pushing together, spreading apart.....

"Is that guy just gonna feel up them jumbo buns or is he gonna beat 'em!?  Enough already...." commented on man.

"No, siree, that older gent is a bonafide spanking expert it seems!  He's tenderizing that ass, getting it ready for abuse!  He knows what he's doing.  Have a little faith....," said one of his friends.

Albert continued massaging Max's massive bottom for a few more minutes and then it began.  Albert put one arm around Max's waist to hold him down.

Albert began full-throttle.  He didn't start Max off with moderate, soft swats--he went directly into ass-toasting power spanks!

Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!

From one big, bouncing bun to the other one, back and forth

Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!

Because Max's loaves were so massive, you could only really hit one bun at a time, so Albert concentrated on giving both cheeks equal smacks.

Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!

From the right cheek to the left cheek, right to left, back and forth, right cheek, left cheek

Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!

The huge butt cheeks--bouncing and shaking with each swat, like a pair of overfilled rubber balls--were getting the full punishment treatment as everyone could see.  People felt sorry for Max but this was an unbelievably sexy sight.

Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!

Max instinctively squeezed his buns open and close as the spanking progressed.  The back seam of the khaki shorts was practically being eaten by his asshole.  The wedgie was that severe at this point.

Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!

These were serious power-spanks.  Albert was laying into Max with fury, hitting the cheeks as hard as he could.  Max, humiliated and with his buns aching, began to sob.

"Stop!  Please stop!" begged Max.  Tears splashed on the pavement right under his face.

The rest of Max's family came out from the diner, holding their pie pieces.  They were speechless.  They slowly, silently walked towards this scene.  They were in awe as the young man's bodacious ass was getting its just desserts.

Alan and Laurie had mean, little smirks on their faces.  "Good," they thought.  Plus, Alan always loved seeing Max's rear pointing upward.

Deborah, Max's mom, stood near her daughter-in-law, Kara.  Both women were stunned.

"Max is finally getting put in his place.  I was worried that this would happen eventually," Deborah said with genuine sadness.  "Maybe we should have disciplined him properly long, long ago or this wouldn't be happening right now."

Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Max sobbed harder as the beating continued on.

"Dad, please go easier on him.  We all have so much more sitting to do on this trip," pleaded Kara.

"I'm not hitting him that hard, honey" said smiling Albert, hitting Max very hard.  "It's not anything that his huge rear end can't handle, ain't that right boy?"

Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!

Max just continued sniveling and crying.  More tears streamed down his face.  This was an incredibly painful punishment for him.

Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!

The beating suddenly slowed down and got softer.  This allowed the crowd to appreciate the jiggling of the bulbous buns even more.

whack.   whack.   whack.   whack.

Albert stopped spanking Max which made Max think that this ordeal was close to being over.  "My hand is starting to get sore," said the old coot, grabbing as much of one oversized ass cheek with his hand as he could.  "Your turn, Blake."

"I....I don't know if I can do that..." stammered Max's dad.

Albert stood Max up for a moment.  Max gently rubbed his punished buns and stood looking down at the pavement, too embarrassed to look at anyone's face.

"Show your boy that you're not going to be putting up with his disobedience, man," coaxed Albert.  Albert gently guided Blake over to the crate, sitting him down on top of it.  "C'mon, Blake, this is your chance to show him who's in charge!"

Blake looked over at his son.  "Max, bend over my lap.  Right this instant," said Blake, firmly.

"No, dad!" cried out Max.

"Max, listen to me for once...." argued Blake.

"Dad, no!  Leave me alone!  I don't want to be spanked anymore," exclaimed Max, sounding like a pouting little boy.

"Max, do as your father said," chimed in Deborah.

"Forget it, mom!  There's no way!" Max shot back.

"Well, I just show you boy!!!" charged in Albert, grabbing Max by the shoulders, and practically tossing the big hunk over Blake's lap.  Max obeyed this time.

Max shifted his body into the best position.  Over his father's lap, he now layed horizontally, his big buns aiming skyward.

"More vulnerable, Max, just like how you were before.  Do it right, my son," said Blake gently.  So Max scooched up a bit, therefore tilting his ass up higher, the loaves more accentuated, pointing more upwards, closer to his father's face.

Blake looked down and enjoyed this extreme close-up--those massive, incredibly round and bulbous bubble buns, practically exploding out of the seat of their khaki shorts, sticking right at his face.  The vertical seat seam of the shorts lodged in Max's ass, buried deep between the young man's cheeks, stuck firmly to his butthole.  Blake felt like Max's buttocks were almost intimidating in their size.  He thought that he could practically get his head swallowed between those cheeks.  He patted them sweetly for a moment, relishing the incredible mass and density of the glutes as they jiggled; they were were muscular and chubby at the same time.  No matter how much Max worked out, those big buns were always gigantic.  Blake chuckled to himself, thrilled to be in this moment.  This was his chance.

With a look of determination on his face, Blake began spanking Max as he wrapped one arm around the boy's waist.

Spank!      Spank!       Spank!        Spank!

One bun, then the other, the left one, then the right one, back and forth just like Albert.  Max's massive cheeks bounced with every swat, ready to burst out of their tight shorts.

Spank!    Spank!   Spank!   Spank!

Blake tried.  But he was no match for Albert.

Spank!  Spank!  Spank!

Blake loved the feeling of his son's big, round butt boulders bouncing against the palm of hand, savoring the jiggle of each massive cheek.  Albert thought that Blake's less-than-impressive spanking skills were not up to par, so he decided to intensify the scene.

Albert walked over to the spanking crate and forcefully pulled down Max's tight shorts with one forceful yank!  Blake, his hand in mid-air, was about to deliver another whap to Max's posterior but he froze when he saw his boy's massive pair of pink buns sticking straight up at his face, bare naked.

Max wore his baby-blue jockstrap which (unnecessarily) framed and accentuated his gigantic ass cheeks even more.  Max now found himself bare-butt and over his daddy's lap for the first time.  There was now an entire crowd of people watching.  His family, the good ol' boys smoking in the parking lot, and a few wanderers from out of the diner coming to see what all the excitement was.

"C'mon now, Blake!" bellowed Albert.  "Give that bratty son of yours the long-overdue ass beating that he deserves!  Whip them bubble buns!"


Inspired by Albert's pep talk (and by the sight of Max's deluxe naked rump only a few inches below his face), Blake administered fast, quick, harder spanks to his son's bulbous glutes.


Max's cheeks were becoming pinker the more his father spanked him, but they were far from red.  Blake just didn't have that kind of force.

While the spanking continued, one of the good ol' boys walked over to Albert and whispered something in the old man's ear.  Albert chuckled and said to the man:  "Yeah, go got it."

The hillbilly removed a small souvenir flag from the dashboard of his pickup and walked over to Albert and gave him the small flag.  The souvenir flag was a small strip of white fabric that had the words "Grand Canyon" printed on it.  The flag was attached to a small, thin rod of plastic that served as the flag pole.  The rod was about the length of a pencil but much thinner in width.

whap!     whap!      whap!


It was obvious that Blake's milquetoast spanks were no match for Max's massive, round butt.  Blake was getting tired.

Albert walked over to Blake and Max.

"Blake, would you mind parting the boy's butt cheeks for me, please?" said Albert, with a smile on his face, holding up the tiny flag.

"Dad, no!  Please!" begged Max, still bent over his father's lap.

Blake, looking at the tiny, thin plastic rod attached to the souvenir flag, completely understood where Albert was going with this.  Max's father never thought himself as having a filthy sense of humor, but this was a ripe opportunity to have some fun at his arrogant son's expense.  "Max, spread your legs, please, and thrust that big bottom of yours up even more,"ordered Blake.

"Dad, no!  Don't do this!" cried Max.  All the good ol' boys and some of the crowd that had gathered to watch were having a good laugh.

whap!      whap!

Blake gave both of Max's meaty buns a hearty smack.  "Max, do as I say!" said Blake, raising his voice.  Albert arched his eyebrows, impressed with Max's father's new, commanding tone.

Max did as he was told, spreading his legs and pushing his huge, round bubble cheeks up in the air even more, much closer to his dad's face.  Blake, simply glancing downward, could now lick his son's puffy glutes if he wanted to, they were so close.  Even though Max had spread his legs and was sticking his massive ass upwards, that still wasn't enough to make his butthole visible--that's how thick and bulbous his buns are.

Blake used his hands to slowly spread Max's buns apart.  Now everyone around could see Max's tight, pink, dewy little pucker; his juicy little aperture practically kissed at the crowd from between the jockstrapped, oversized bubble buns.

This was the first time that Blake had seen his sexy, athletic son's most private area--he could smell it too, being so close......sweetly pungent, musky (and incredibly arousing) whiffs of Max's hot ass floated towards Blake's face.  Blake shut his eyes for a moment, savoring the aroma, as he spread Max's butt open.  For a flash moment, Blake wanted to dive his face in between those buns; they were so close that he could.  He considered making a joking comment about the scent but he decided not to; Blake figured that Max was embarrassed enough as is, being in the position that he was in.

Alan had a fiendish smile on his face as he handed his uncle Albert a small, complimentary pad of butter on wax paper that he got from the diner.  Albert used the butter to grease up the souvenir flag pole--that tiny, thin plastic rod--and then got close to bent-over Max and Blake (who was still spreading Max's ass open).  Albert applied some of the the butter on the tip of his finger and then ran that slippery finger across the surface of Max's tight, little balloon knot.  Albert loved the smooth, rigged feeling of Max's puckering anus at the tip of his finger.  For a second, Albert thought about plunging his finger inside of Max but he figured that that would be too....too revealing of his erotic intentions.  Albert wanted to be a cruel and strict disciplinarian; he didn't want to show his homoerotic attraction towards his son-in-law.  And, plus, it was the flag rod that he'd be using to penetrate Max and embarrass him in front of all these people.

While Blake used his hands to keep Max's gigantic glutes parted, Albert slowly, gently slid the tiny, plastic souvenir flag rod inside Max's asshole.   The butter had sufficently lubed-up the rod--and Max's anal aperture--and the rod just slipped right in there.

"Oww!!!" yelled out Max, pitifully.  People in the crowd watched and laughed.

"That ain't hurting you none!  That little stick is too thin!  Don't complain; I could make this a lot worse for you, boy!" replied Albert.

It was true that the tiny, plastic rod didn't hurt Max but he could feel that there was something small and skinny--less than the size of a standard medical thermometer--sticking out of his butthole.  It was the humiliation that was grinding Max down.

Albert teased Max by almost removing the rod from out of his hole but then Albert would shove it down a bit further.  He did this repeatedly a few times--in and out, in and out, up and down--basically fucking Max's hole with the buttered rod but he laughed while doing it, giving the impression that he was just "punishing" the young man.

In and out, in and out, up and down.....The rod went shallow and deep inside Max's chute, fucking him in front of a crowd of people while his own father spread Max's bulbous, oversized man-cheeks wide open for everyone to see this object being poked into him.

Blake used every once of brainpower he could to try stopping himself from getting an erection.  But it didn't work.  He could feel himself getting hard while his son layed over his lap.  Blake hoped that Max wouldn't feel it but, unfortunately, Max could absolutely feel that his father was being excited by this situation.  The humiliation that Max was feeling right now, however, trumped the disturbance that he felt about his dad's newly-discovered homoerotic, sadistic tendencies.

"That's one way to make your point, guys! hahahaha," cackled one of the good ol' boys watching nearby.

Albert stopped dipping the rod into Max's ass and left it plunged inside Max's hole, sticking out of it.  Blake continued to spread Max open, just for good measure.

Max now had a small souvenir flag that said "Grand Canyon" sticking out of his big, pink butt as he layed over his father's lap.  The situation overwhelmed Max and he could feel the tears rolling down his face as he sobbed.

"It's okay, Max, your punishment is almost over...." said his nerdy father in a gentle, comforting voice.

Albert retrieved Max's iphone from out of the RV and started taking pictures of Max's spread, spanked ass with the "Grand Canyon" flag sticking out of it.  A few other people watching in the parking lot took their own pictures too.  The flashes filled up the parking lot brightly while the sounds of giggling and laughing entered Max's ears.

Albert texted the words "FULL RED MOON AND GRAND CANYON" into Max's messaging screen and attached one of the pictures of Max's punishment to the message.

Albert pushed--Send All--button, thereby sending the picture and the message to all of Max's contacts.....all of Max's friends and family members.  "Everybody will be in for a treat when they see this," laughed the gruff, old father-in-law.  "That will teach Max not to disobey me."

An hour later, Max and his family were back in the RV, coasting down the freeway.  Alan was behind the wheel right now.  Max sat quietly in the back passenger area, pouting and ignoring everyone.

For the rest of the trip, everyone tried to move beyond the situation and not bring it up because they didn't want Max to be upset.  They all figured that Max wouldn't need a reminder, until:

One of the afternoons later in the trip, the family had stopped inside of a gift shop and, low and behold, there was a display of of miniature "Grand Canyon" souvenir flags identical to the one that had been used to embarrass Max.  Alan nudged Laurie, Kara, and Deborah.  "Hey, ladies," smirked Alan, "what do those remind you of?"

The women all giggled.  Max noticed what they were laughing at but he didn't say anything.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Toy Box (Max story 14)

It was a Saturday in early February and pretty, petite, 22-year-old, brunette Kara needed to get some shopping done before Valentine's Day.  She called her gorgeous, hunky, 21-year-old husband Max on his iphone.

Max was over at his best friend Brent's house, watching sports on TV, drinking beer, and snacking on nachos.

brrring   brrrring   brrrring

Max answered his phone: "Hey, babe, what's going on?"

"Max, we need to go get a few more things before V-Day so let's go to Northlake and finish up," answered his wife.

Max just sighed, watched ESPN for 15 more minutes, and then left Brent's house to go pick up his wife and drive her to the mall.  

The mall was crowded and the young couple spent most of their time elbowing through different stores, looking for boring, schlocky Valentines gifts for Kara's family.  Kara loved sending cards and gifts to her family when she had an excuse.

Today, Max looked especially delicious.  His blonde hair had just gotten a fresh, new cut and his form-fitting, thin blue jeans hugged his gigantic, round bubble buns perfectly.  Although he looked perfect, he had a bad attitude about shopping with his wife so Kara told him that she'd meet him at 6 pm by the J.Crew store while she got the last few things.  This way Max could look in the stores that he wanted rather than looking for the right sparkly heart brooch for Kara's grandma.

The late afternoon whizzed by and Kara headed over to meet Max.  Right across from J.Crew, the mall had just opened up a brand-new womens lingerie store.  Kara looked at her phone and realized that she had a few more minutes to shop before she was due to meet Max so she bashfully headed into the lingerie store to peek around.

Inside the lingerie store, a 40-something, drag queen with a massive, purple afro worked the counter.

"Hello there, I'm Miss Julie.  Is there anything in particular that you're looking for today?," greeted the clerk as he (She!) sashayed over.  A red rose was pinned to the lapel of Miss Julie's colorful, sequined cardigan.

"Oh, no, no.....I'm just looking.  New store, huh?" smiled Kara as she noticed that this small shoppe was filled with all kinds of lacy and elaborate underpanties of high quality.  Kara wished that she had more money to spend on those kinds of things now that she was growing out her conservative upbringing and embracing a new approach.....

"That's right, sweetie!" squealed the clerk.

Kara's eyes shifted over to an area behind the counter where she noticed a small door cracked open that obviously led into a tiny back room.  As she focused in, Kara could see that, in the back room, there were confusing leather straps hanging up on hooks and shelves and shelves of what appeared to be an infinite selection of different dildos and vibrators.

"Uh oh, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't leave that door open.  I know that that can be too much for some people....," said Miss Julie who observed Kara's eyes widening as she stared at that little room behind the counter.

"No, it's fine.  I'm an adult.  It's no big deal," she giggled, stopping Miss Julie from closing the door.

"There's some amazing new products in there but I'm still trying to figure out how to display them in the store without offending people.  So, in the meantime, I'm just keeping them back there for.....for our more adventurous customers," said the queen with a wink.  "You have a boyfriend, doll?"

"Married," answered Kara.

"Well, good for you!  You married pretty young then.  Where's your husband, cutie?  Have him buy you something from here!" said Miss Julie.

"He's right over there, actually," Kara said as she pointed to tall, sexy Max across the hall.  He was looking at the windows of J.Crew, admiring the mens jackets on display.

Miss Julie looked over at Max.  Naturally, her jaw dropped when she caught a glance at Max's obscenely perky, overstuffed glutes which bulged out like two basketballs within the strained seat of his blue jeans.

"Your that cute jock boy with the humungous bubble butt?!?"  The clerk looked over at Kara with a scandalized look on her face.  "You lucky little bitch!"

"Yeah," giggled Kara.

"And he's a toned, worked-out guy--you can tell--but he's got that huge, round, poppin' booty!  Wow!" exclaimed Miss Julie.

"Yeah, he's always had a big ass.  He's kind of embarrassed by it though," said Kara.

"He shouldn't be!  Those buns are fabulous!" shrieked the clerk.

Kara was starting to get used to people making comments about Max's bottom so she just laughed it off.

"So.....are you two wild in the bedroom?" implored Miss Julie with a twinkle in her eye.

"Um, we've tried a few things here and there.  I've bought some things that I've never ended up using.  But....but there's more that I would like to do....," answered the girl.

"Do to that ass of his?" nudged the naughty clerk.

"Well.....yes," Kara answered honestly.

"I'm going to give you a Valentine gift box from this shop.  Good stuff only.  Okay?" said Miss Julie.

"Okay," smiled Kara.

"We have some sample items that I'm gonna give to you and I'll give you some tips and instructions as well," said the clerk who darted into the back room, grabbed a shiny, pink box, and began selecting what to put in.  Miss Julie smiled and closed the door to the back room so that Kara would be surprised by what was waiting for her (and Max!) inside that box.  

Kara waited for a few minutes while Miss Julie wrote some things down on a sheet of paper, placed the paper within the box, wrapped the box in ribbon, stuck a white bow on it, and handed it over to the young wife.

"How much?" asked Kara.

"No, dear, those are sample items for you.  It's a free gift.  Take it," said the clerk.

"No way!  That's so kind of you!  Thank you so much!," said Kara as she did a little jump.

"You're very welcome but, sweetheart...." said the drag queen.

"What?" implored Kara.

".....You gotta promise me that you'll use them according to your instructions and you have to report back to me how useful the toys were," commanded Miss Julie.

"Yes.  Yes, I'll try," said Kara.

"Do it, girl, don't just try!" said the drag queen.  "Now off you go!  Have fun......and be gentle on him."

"I will," said Kara, thrilled but nervous as she walked out the store and approached Max across the hall.  With her bags on her arms (trinkets for her family), Kara held the shiny, pink box from the lingerie store.

"What's that?" asked Max, looking at the pink gift box with the white bow.

"A gift for us," answered Kara.

As the young couple headed towards the mall exit, the drag queen clerk in the lingerie store watched them walk towards the doors.  Max's puffy, bulbous bubble buns jiggled and bounced as Miss Julie watched him exit, licking her glossy lips.

Max and Kara drove home, ate dinner, and started getting ready for bed.  On the nightstand beside the bed, Max noticed the pink box with the white bow on it.

"The early Valentine's Day present?" asked the young man.

"Uh....sure, you could say that.  I wanted to wait a couple of more days but I really think that we should crack it open tonight," smiled Kara.  "Max, let's have some fun."

Max was still groggy from all the beer that he had drank earlier that day with Brent.

"Can't we wait until morning, babe?" implored the beefcake.

"No, I want to have fun right now!" said Kara, pouting.  "Strip down and lie down on your tummy.  Pretty please...."

Now it became obvious to Max that Kara wanted to have fun with his big ass.  He assumed that she maybe wanted to do a little bit of rimming or play the "stinky butt game" as Kara called it (which just consisted of her burying her face between his massive, round cheeks and rubbing her nose on his hole).

Max stripped off his clothing, got completely bare-ass naked, and layed face-down on the bed.  Kara took off her clothes too as she enjoyed the sight of her husband's naked, bulbous rump sticking up towards the ceiling.  To Kara, Max's huge, round cheeks looked bigger and juicier than ever.....

Kara turned over to the nightstand and opened up the pink box.  Inside she found some intriguing gifts from Miss Julie, each one she would find out the uses for soon enough.  Along with them was a sheet of paper which Kara unfolded and read:

Hey, Honey!

I hope that you and your big-bottomed boy have fun with these!  Follow my directions and have a wonderful evening.

First of all, go over to that boy, spread his cheeks, and give that butt pucker a good licking!

"Max, we're gonna try a few new things tonight so just be open to it," said Kara in a sweet voice.

On the bed, tired Max was almost falling asleep.  "Okay, whatever," he said.

Kara wanted to follow Miss Julie's instructions to a "t", so she went over to the bed, lied on top of Max, and moved herself to a position where her face would be straight into Max's naked rear.  She used her hands to spread apart Max's massive glutes.  Immediately the deliciously cheesy, musky scent of Max's open butt entered her nostrils but Kara didn't want to spend the entire night just smelling Max (although she could....).  Kara began running her tongue up and down Max's pucker and crack, savoring the salty and slightly sour taste.  She flickered her tongue against his tight, little sphincter for a while and then followed that up with some muscle-power and force from her tongue, creating wide, thick, forceful licks.  Kara wished that her tongue was strong enough to actually penetrate deep inside Max's hole.  She was licking so hard and so forcefully--like a dog licking a spoon with peanut butter on it--that Max was concerned that his pucker was going to start feeling raw.....

"Baby, cool it down," grumbled Max, "You're going to make my asshole sore."

Kara immediately started licking Max's ass more gently, with soft little swipes from her tongue.

"Mmmmm!  I just love the way that you taste!  I can barely help myself," she mumbled, her voice barely audible since her face was buried between Max's massive buns.  Kara continued the soft rimming for a few more minutes and then decided to go to the next step.  She pulled her face from out of Max's ass, reached over to the nightstand, and read Miss Julie's next instruction.

Now that your boy's hole is wet, take the purple vibe, shove it in his ass, and turn on the button.

Kara removed a rubber, iridescent, shiny purple vibrator (about the size of a man's middle finger) from out of the gift box and aimed that toy right between Max's glutes.  With his hole still juicy and sticky from the licking, Kara was able to push the vibrator directly into Max's chute.  Max's tight, little sphincter gave her some initial resistance but with a little wiggle-and-shove, Kara was able to stick it in.

"Ow!!  Babe!  What are you doing!?!" exclaimed Max.

"I want to give that hot booty of yours a good workout tonight, Max," said his wife with a smile on her face.  Holding the vibrator in her hand while it penetrated Max's rectum, Kara pushed a button on the handle of the vibrator which turned on the tremors deep inside Max.  She could feel the toy activating while she held it in her hand.

"Oh.....oh wow......that feels so weird," said Max, getting used to the sensation.

Kara ran the toy in and out of his ass, half-way, for a little while.  Her hand started to feel numb from all the vibrations so she slid the toy out of Max's hole, turned off the vibration button, and then turned to her instructions.

His hole should be a little more open now.  Take this caramel sauce and rub some inside of his crack.  Lick it off.  The sweetness of the sauce should be delicious inside that hot butt.

Kara did as she was instructed.  She took out a tiny vial of caramel sauce from inside of the pink gift box.  She unscrewed the top, dunked her finger in, scooped out some of the sugary-smelling, soft caramel, and ran that finger deep into Max's crack.

"What's that?" asked Max, definitely awakening from out of his groggy beer buzz.

"Caramel for your sweet buns," answered his wife right before she dug her face back between Max's huge, round, athletic, bubble cheeks.

Kara ran her tongue up and down Max's crack, stuffing her face between his gigantic buns, licking all over his pucker.  The sweetness of the caramel was a perfect compliment to the musky tang of Max's natural butt funk.  The vibe had opened him up a bit, making Max's ass a little bit more stinky and tasty.

Once Kara had eaten all the caramel from inside of Max's rump, she went to the next written instruction.

Hopefully you've warmed up the outside of his hole so now I want you to warm up the inside too.  Take this small bottle of warming lube cream, get some on your finger, and lube up his chute.

As soon as Kara had squeezed some of the lube cream on her finger, she could feel the skin on her finger warming up ever so slightly.  It felt great and she knew that Max would soon be feeling great too.  Kara stuck her finger inside of Max's butt hole, running it in and out; the lube was perfectly slippery.  She loved the hot sensation of the warming cream all over her finger but, even more so, she loved the tight, muscular clamp of Max's anus puckering around her finger like a ring.

"Oh my god, that feels hot, baby.....," sighed Max while his wife finger-banged him.  The warming sensation of the lube cream was subtle and sexy inside of his ass.

Kara looked again at her instructions.

That lube is in there for a reason, dollface.  Take the ben-wa balls and pop them, one-by-one, into that tight hole!  Make him accept all of them.  Then slowly remove each and every ball but take your time.

From out of the pink gift box, Kara removed a string of 6 small, blue, rubber balls linked together on a thin rubber chord.  The ball at the end was the size of a small marble but then they got progressively larger.  The ball towards the handle of the toy--the largest ball--was the size of a baby's fist.  Kara wasn't sure if Max would be able to fit all of these small spheres inside of his rectum but he was going to have to try.

One-by-one, Kara pushed the first four balls inside Max's chute.

"Ooh, I think that that's enough, babe," said Max.  "I don't think that I can take any more...."  He began wiggling around uncomfortably.  Kara used her left hand to smack Max's buns.  The big, round cheeks jiggled as the four smallest ben-wa balls kept stuck inside of him.

Further down the instructions, Miss Julie had written:

If Bubble Buns gives you a hard time, use this paddle to discipline him.

Sure enough, inside the box, was a small pink paddle (it was really just a cheap ping-pong paddle lightly coated with a pink rubber layer).  But it would have to do.

"Max, you have to take all the balls inside of you or you get spanked," said Kara with determination in her voice.  She brought the paddle down on Max's jiggling butt loaves, giving them each a few good whacks on each cheek.

whack!   whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!

Max couldn't believe what was happening!  His wife was now on top of him, beating his thunder buns with one hand and trying to stuff another ben-wa ball into his chute with her other hand.

whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!

Max's massive cheeks quivered and shook with each swat.  He had to admit to himself that his wife was starting to hit him pretty hard; his buns were genuinely stinging now.  The pain in his hole was starting to intensify as one of the larger ben-wa balls was being crammed into him, stretching his sphincter open.  Kara kept spanking him.

whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!

"Are you going to listen and take it?!" asked Kara, commandingly, with a raised voice.

whack!  whack!  whack!  whack!

"Yeah, yeah, yeah--ooow!--just stop paddling me!" answered Max.

"Max, spread your legs wider and make sure that your asshole stays relaxed," Kara said, finally stopping the spanking.

"Alright, fine, I'll try.....," said Max, pitifully.

Kara pushed one of the largest balls into his hole.

"Oooh, god damn it, this is really starting to hurt!" said Max.

"Shut up and open up!" ordered his wife.

Kara could see Max's sphincter aperture widening as she slowly pushed the largest and final ben-wa ball into his hole.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!" yelled out Max.  His hole had never been opened like this before and it hurt.

whack!  whack!

"Keep those in there!  Relax!" said bossy Kara as she administered a couple more smacks with the paddle across Max's increasingly pink butt cheeks.  Max obeyed, holding all the ben-wa balls inside of him.  Kara gently massaged his collosal, bulbous, round  buns for a while as she kept her gaze intently on the rubber chord protruding out from his crack.

Kara grabbed the end of that chord and pulled, very slowly extracting the ben-wa balls, one by one, from out of Max's hole.

To Max, it was a very odd sensation.  He felt like he was releasing a big, thick poop.  He spread his legs wider and shoved his massive ass towards the ceiling and closer to his wife's face.  He relaxed his hole as the ben-wa balls emerged from within him.  Kara loved the sight of this.....and she enjoyed the smell also.

The rubber ben-wa balls did reveal traces of their journey inside Max's behind.  A few, small specks of matter stuck to the rubber balls and the chord but Kara didn't care.  Don't play in the backyard if you're afraid of getting a little dirty, she thought.  She placed the used ben-wa toy on the nightstand.  She'd clean it all later, she thought.

Kara grabbed the paper inside the pink box and read the last section of Miss Julie's notes:

"Drive it home, baby.  Strap-on time."

The last remaining items inside the box was a medium-sized black dildo with a flat, extended bottom to it and a jumble of leather straps and buckles.

It took a few minutes for Kara to figure out how to strap the device onto her pelvic area but she managed.  Max didn't mind a bit of rest to his aching hole.

"Babe.....?" spoke Max.

"What?" asked Kara.

"Do we have to continue with this?  My ass really hurts....." pleaded Max.

"Yes, we do.  I'm not done with you yet," she said as a wide grin suddenly crept across her face.  She had just figured out how to arrange the dildo through the metal ring on her strap-on.  She was ready now.

Kara felt transformed.  "So this is kind of what it feels like to be a guy.....," she thought to herself as she looked down at the dildo that appeared to be part of her.....and then she looked over at her gorgeous, young husband's succulent, irresistable butt.

She positioned herself between his legs and aimed the tip of the dildo right between Max's jumbo, puffy cheeks.

"Now remember to stay relaxed, Max.  You're about to get fucked," Kara said.

She slowly pushed her pelvis toward's Max's behind, shoving the black rubber cock deep inside of him.

"Ooooh, god baby, please be gentle...." sobbed Max.

"I'll try, Max, if you're a good boy.  Just take this and be a man," instructed Kara as she thrust, rhythmicly, in and out, fucking Max's hole deep with her dildo appendage.

in and out, in and out, in and out.......

Max began to whimper.  His ass had never been abused like this.  And to think that it was his own, sweet, innocent little wife who was ripping him open!  Was this a taste of things to come?  Did she think that she would be doing this on a regular basis....?

Max's rectum felt filled, invaded, and aching and his anus felt like it was on fire....

"Baby, stop, please, you're fucking me too hard.  My butt can't take any more of this!  Please!" begged Max, his face nestled into his pillow.  His cock was as hard as a rock.  He felt like, just maybe, he would be able to cum like cum while being fucked.

"Just a little while longer.....if I feel like being kind to you....," said Kara wickedly.  In truth, she loved this power, she loved the idea that she was fucking Max's A+++ ass, and she loved the feeling of the dildo bottom poking at her pussy.  It felt great!  She knew that she was about to cum herself.  Max thrust his ass back towards Kara, pressing his cheeks to her pelvis, forcing the toy deeper inside of him.  Kara loved the feeling of Max's big, bopping buns bouncing against her body like a pair of soft boulders.

"Just a bit more, Max!" said Kara, panting.

In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out and in went the dildo, fucking Max more than he ever thought he could handle.

Kara moaned as she orgasmed.......the thrusts slowed down and she tenderly rubbed and squeezed Max's warm glutes as the climaxing waves began to trail away from her.

Feeling his wife's hands on his buns, as well as the dildo slowly, gently sliding in and out of him, Max came too, shooting jets and jets of thick, white jism onto the bedspread beneath him.  He shuddered and gasped for air as the most intense orgasm of his life shot out of him in creamy waves.

For a few more moments, Kara remained on top of Max, with the dildo still inside of him and her strap-on still buckled around her.  She hugged him and kissed the back of his neck sweetly.

A few days after Valentine's Day, Kara drove over to the mall and entered Miss Julie's lingerie shoppe.

The drag queen's eyes lit up when she saw her pretty, young protege stroll in through the doorway.

"So, sweetie, how did it go?  Did you enjoy those toys?" asked Miss Julie.

"I did.  I really, really did," answered Kara, her face bright.

"And how about hunky Mr. Bubble Buns?.....Did he enjoy them too?" followed up the drag queen.

"I think so.  I hope so," answered the girl.

"Well, for his sake I hope he did.  Because, you know, every once in a while, the sex toy manufacturers send me freebie samples and I'd rather hand them out to my favorite visitors than to just have them sitting in the back room collecting dust," said Miss Julie, winking at Kara.

"Oh, I'd be willing to try out new try them out on Max.  I'm obsessed with his ass, I admit it," Kara giggled.

"I don't blame you one bit, dear.  I'll call you when we get new shipments.  It's on me.  I'll consider it a community-building exercise since we both appreciate a hot booty on a hot man.  You're a young couple so I figure that you could use all the help that you could get," said Miss Julie.

"You'd really do that for me?  I mean, for us?  Wow, thank you!" exclaimed Kara, hugging Miss Julie.

"No problem, dollface.  No problem at all.  I'm here to help," said Miss Julie.  She went over to the counter and grabbed a card and pen so that Kara could write down her private cell phone number.  Miss Julie would be more than happy to call Kara to come and get free toy samples when she got the chance.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ripe (Max story 13)

It was the last weekend in August.  Though it seemed to be gradually cooling down a bit, weather-wise, over the last few days, all of a sudden the temps rose to over 100 degrees.

Blonde, studly, 21-year-old Max was working his shift out in the amusement park, in costume as superhero Captain Fantasy, visiting with and taking pictures with the guests.

He wore his uniform: Tall, blue leather boots on his feet.  On his perfect, Abercrombie-looking face, Max wore a blue leather half mask that the costume department had bought from an old Robin (as in Batman) costume and then painted blue to match the park's official color scheme.  Max wore his skin-tight, shiny, white spandex shirt with the Fantasy Point logo on it that showed off his pumped, muscular frame stupendously.  And......of course, on his bottom half, Max wore a pair of shiny, thin, white spandex tights.  As ever, Max's bulging, bulbous, intensely round, oversized, bubble butt cheeks hypnotized everyone around him.  The vertical back seam on the seat of his tights was wedged so far up his ass, the tights looked like a second skin or that the spandex was painted on him.  He may as well have been naked.  Because it was so hot and sweaty outside, the spandex wedgie rode up between his mountainous glutes within the first five minutes of the day and had been sticking to his juicy, little butt hole ever since.  The back seam of the tights had been stuck up his crack, and chaffing against his pucker, all day long.  That was just the way that the costume was designed and there was nothing he could do about it.  So he just got used to it and let the wedgie stay stuck between his massive, round bubble buns.

Everyone at Fantasy Point Amusement Park, from the guests to the workers, felt sweaty and exhausted but tried to have fun anyway.

Unfortunately, Max had promised his old high school buddy Randall that he would help him move this weekend.  Even though it was so hot outside, there was no way that Randall would allow him to get out of it.  Randall and his fiance, Michelle, were moving for work reasons to a suburb a couple of hours outside of Charlotte, N.C. and they figured that if there was anyone who could help them move heavy furniture and boxes up 3 flights of stairs, it would be tall, muscular, beefy Max.  Plus, Max was cheap help and a reliable friend.  They were planning on buying everyone some pizza and beer after they were done moving stuff.

Randall, wanting to save time, told Max that they would pick him up from his job at Fantasy Point at 5 pm.  Max would be staying with them at their new apartment during the weekend and, later, Randall would drive him back.

Max was running late to get into the employee locker room from out of the amusement park.  In the park, a beautiful, drunk 28-year-old blonde girl was trying to get costumed Max's phone number but Max was trying to explain that he was married.  The girl wouldn't listen.  She kept grabbing him around his waist, squeezing his round, overstuffed, spandexed butt cheeks, and she wouldn't let go.

"Oh my god, you are so fucking sexy, I don't know why you won't hook up with me?!?  C'mon, don't be a dumb ass..." slurred the intoxicated beauty.

"I really can't.  Please, miss, there are kids around, don't grab my ass," said Max trying to be polite.

"You have the Best.  Bubble Butt.  Ever.," smiled the girl with a far-off look in her blurry eyes.

"Thanks but I have to fly off to my superhero fortress now," joked Max.

"Oh, no!!!!  Please don't go, Super Captain....." said the girl as she nestled her head on Max's shoulder.

By the time Max gently peeled her from off of him, he noticed that it was 5 minutes after 5 pm.  His friends were probably there outside the employee parking lot, waiting to pick him up and do their move.

By the time he finally made it into the employee locker room, it was 5:15.  He could hear his iphone ringing inside his locker.  He quickly did the combination of his lock, retrieved his phone, and answered it.

"Max!  We're outside waiting for you!  We gotta go, bro!" said Randall on the other end of the phone.

"I'm coming in a minute.  Let me change out of my costume and take a shower," said Max as he removed his blue leather superhero boots

"No, no, no, let's just go.  We promised the land lord lady that we'd be there to pick up the keys by 7:30, " said Randall.

"I'm in this superhero costume....," laughed Max.  "I gotta change."

"Haha!  That would be funny if you helped us move dressed like that.  It would show that we're serious about moving boxes," said Randall, not joking.  "Max, we have to be on schedule so that we don't piss this old lady off.  Just come out here and jump in the car.  You can change later on."

Max quickly put on his old sneakers but stayed in his spandex costume, mask and all.  He threw his boots in his duffell bag, grabbed his wallet and keys, and headed out towards the parking lot while he stayed on the phone with Randall.

"We're by the back gate in the yellow deluxe moving truck," said Randall over the phone.  Max exited the employee building and walked over to the parking lot gates, towards his friends who were sitting inside a big moving truck complete with massive back storage, back passenger seating, and front seats.  Randall and Michelle waved at Max through their vehicle window.  Both had huge smiles on their faces.

"Oh my.....oh WOW!  Max, that costume is hot!!!" said Michelle sitting in the passenger seat.

"I feel so dumb wearing this around you guys," chuckled Max.  "So yeah....this is my work uniform."

Randall stared at Max silently for a moment.  "Turn around, Max," said Randall with a sly smile on his face.

Max knew.  But he went ahead and turned around for them anyway.

"Max, Max, Max.....," said Randall.  "You need to charge those people extra tickets to look at that big bubble butt of yours.  Hahaha"

"Shut up, man," replied Max.

"Alright, dude, hop in the back and let's get going," ordered Randall.

Max opened up the back passenger door, got inside, placed his duffell bag on the floor, and shut the door behind him.

Sitting next to him were two men that Max had never met.

"Hey, Captain Fantasy, I'm Neal," grinned the one sitting closest to Max.

"Hey, I'm Max," said our bubble-assed hero, shaking Neal's hand.

Neal, who looked to be about 27 or 28, had a subtle smile on his face as he looked Max over.  Neal was a good-looking white hipster guy with a few day's stubble on his face, a thin frame, and was wearing some faded blue jeans and a worn out t-shirt.  He was dressed much more appropriately for this move than Max was.  Neal had long, light-brown hair that fell over his brown eyes, and a sexy, big nose.  "This is Eddie," he said, pointing over to the man next to him.

Eddie leaned over Neal and shook Max's hand.  Eddie was another thin hipster guy around Neal's age who dressed similar to Neal.  Eddie had dark, long hair that he kept in a ponytail.  He was also good-looking with a full beard, stache, and a swarthy olive complexion.  Probably Greek or Italian.

Basically, Neal and Eddie looked like a couple of straight hipster guys who could be in a rock band together.  They seemed cool enough.

Randall revved up the vehicle engine and began driving towards the freeway.

"Eddie and Neal used to work with Randall and they're going to be taking our old apartment," chimed-in Michelle from the front passenger seat.  "We're leaving our old kitchen set and entertainment center and some other stuff for them so they said that they'd help us move furniture into our new place."

"That's good," said Max as he removed his superhero half-mask from off his face and shoved it into his duffell bag.  "It's always better to have more people help with moving."

"Yeah, exactly," said Michelle.  "We'll move a ton of stuff, the heavier stuff, up the stairs tonight.  Then we'll chill, I'll order some food, we can sleep on some inflatabeds that we brought, and then Rand will drive you guys home tomorrow morning.  Our new place is a few hours away or we'd drive you all back tonight.  Any way, does that sound okay?"

"No problem," said Max.  He would just call his wife, Kara, later and tell her that he'd be crashing over at Randall and Michelle's that night and that he'd be home tomorrow morning.

"Is the water turned on at your new place yet?  I want to take a shower later, definitely," said Max, embarrassed.

"Oh, man, I didn't think about that.  I hope that we'll have water and that we won't have to wait until Monday," said Michelle with a look of concern on her face as she peered over at Randall while he was driving.

"Babe, don't worry, we'll have water.  Everything will be fine," said Randall, unconvincingly.

"Why are you worried, Max?  Are you stinky or something?" teased Neal with a mischievious smile on his face.  He leaned over and jokingly sniffed at Max's armpit.  Max thought that this was really weird.  He barely knew this guy and his friend and now he was stuck in this van with them.  They didn't seem gay....

Max tried to laugh it off.  "Well, you know, I've been working outside all day in this heat.  And it's still going to be hot tonight when we're moving stuff so.....yeah....I should probably take a shower later."

"I'm sure you're fine the way you are, Max," said Eddie.  "That outfit is incredible.  Do you really have to wear that every day at work!?!"

"Yep.  I'm supposed to be a superhero because the amusement park logo is a cartoon superhero.  I pretty much just walk around all day and pose for pictures with little kids and old ladies," answered Max.  "But I wish that I would have had time to change so that I don't look ridiculous when we're moving the stuff in."

Everyone laughed.

"Hey, if you strip your shirt off, you'll look more normal walking in and out of the apartment building.  Since you're wearing gym shoes now......and those are workout tights that you're wearing, right?" spoke Neal.

"They're part of my superhero costume.  But, yeah, they could be workout tights too, I guess.  That makes sense," said Max.

"At least this way, you'll look like you came from a gym rather than a costume party, you know?" suggested Eddie.

Max thought that the guys had a good idea.  He lifted his arms and peeled off his white spandex Captain Fantasy shirt and stuffed it into his duffell bag.  Now, with the spandex pants and tennis shoes only, Max looked like he had finished a really intense workout at the gym.  Even though, now, he was practically wearing nothing, at least he didn't feel like he was wearing a silly costume.

"You'll be the beefcake of the group," said Neal to Max.

Eddie and Neal looked over at Max with his healthy, young, tanned, muscular torso.  Sweating all day made Max look like his skin was glowing (even though Max usually looked like that anyway).  With his golden hair and bright blue eyes, Max looked like the most beautiful, healthy, and deeply fuckable all-American boy on the planet.

"Hey, Rand, could you please roll the window down back here for a while?  My armpits do kind of reek," chuckled Max.  Well, it was true.

After a couple of hours of general small talk, it was getting dark out and the group in the moving van drove up to a charming, small apartment complex in the North Carolina suburbs and parked right towards the front walkway that led inside.

A nice, white-haired, little old lady greeted them at the door and walked the group over towards a long, narrow staircase once they entered the building.  For a moment, the little old lady got distracted by one of the young people in this group.  Who was that shirtless, blonde stud wearing shiny, white tights?  Where did he come from?  And, my goodness!, what a big, round butt he has!  But she gathered her wits and focused on the task at hand.

Everyone followed her up the narrow stairway and stopped, single-file in a line, once they reached the door.  Max was in the middle of the group.  Neal and Eddie were right behind him.

Because they were on different steps on the stairway, it just so happened that Neal and Eddie were pretty much at face-level with Max's bulbous, oversized, bubble butt cheeks.  It wasn't until now that the two men realized how severely Max's white spandex tights rode up between his massive, round buns.  Now that butt was right in their faces.

The old lady at the top of the stairs was trying to figure out which key would open Randall and Michelle's new apartment.  The keys clanked loudly as the frustrated old lady tried out many different keys on an overfilled key chain.

"It's gotta be one of these.....sorry everybody.....," said the land lady.

So everyone stood patiently on the stairs waiting.  Neal, who's face was closer to Max's ass, hoped that the little old lady would take a long time.  No rush.

The keys clanked away as the land lady kept trying out different keys.  Randall and Michelle were trying to keep their cool and stay nice.  Michelle wanted to let out a frustrated sigh but she contained herself.  It took the land lady 3 minutes or so before she finally fit the correct key into the lock.

The entire time, everyone waited on the stairs, unmoving.....except for Neal.  Neal slowly leaned his face closer and closer towards Max's derriere.  That big, obscenely perky, delicious-looking pair of cakes was right in his face so he figured that he may as well sneak a whiff.

sniff sniff       sniff sniff sniff

Eddie noticed what was happening and silently chuckled.

Even though Neal's nose didn't touch Max's butt, Neal was pretty sure that he did smell a faint aroma emanating from between those thick cheeks.  But he wasn't completely sure.  Neal realized that he truly needed to do a deeper investigation.....

Neal leaned a little bit closer towards Max's crack, almost sliding his nose in there.

sniff sniff sniff sniff       sniff sniff

Eddie let out an audible laugh.  Due to the clanking keys up the stairs, Max never noticed the sniffing sounds but he did hear Eddie's laugh.  Max turned his head a bit sideways, looking over his shoulder behind him, and down towards Neal.

"What's up?" asked Max.

"Hey, man, your butt's in my face," said Neal.  Eddie starts laughing himself silly.

"Oh, sorry.....," said Max, embarrassed.  "We should be in the room in a second."  These guys are pretty weird, thought Max.

The land lady finally unlocked the door and Randall, Michelle, Neal, Eddie, and Max began hauling stuff in.

There were too-big recliners, overly-heavy boxes, couches that took 3 people to carry, and an almost infinite number of random small things.  It seemed that the move would take forever but, eventually, the group finished their tasks.  It was a long, exhausting, hot, sweaty process.  Max remembered to call his wife Kara and tell her that he'd be home the next day.

Anytime Neal and Eddie found an excuse to glance at Max's bouncing, spandexed ass--or walk behind him up the stairs--while moving stuff, they took it.

It was almost midnight by the time the pizza arrived.

All the utilities had to wait until Monday, Randall and Michelle discovered.  Nothing was on.  No water, no electricity.  The group was able to use lamps and 2 unpacked TV's thanks to kindly apartment neighbors who allowed them to run extension cords from under the doors of their own units and into Randall and Michelle's new residence.

At around 1 am, Michelle and Randall decided to go into their bedroom and go to sleep on a temporary inflatable mat.

"We're beat," said Randall.  "Michelle and I are going to hit the hay.  I'm going to set my phone alarm for 6 am and then I'll drive you three to your homes in the morning.  Thanks for all your help today, guys.  Try to have a good sleep."

"No problem," said Neal and Eddie.

"Glad to help," said Max.

Randall entered the bedroom and shut the door behind him.

Max, Neal, and Eddie sat on the floor in the living room, on top of another king-sized inflatable mattress, playing an Xbox system that they had set up already.  In the corner of the room, sat 2 more, smaller, inflatable mattresses.  One for each of the three men in the living room.

Max got up to find his duffell bag among the messes of boxes and bags.  It was around here somewhere.....

"Whatcha looking for?" asked Eddie.

"My bag," answered Max as he walked around the living room, scanning with his eyes.  "I have other clothes to change into."

"You've been wearing those tights all day long so what's the point of changing now?  Come over here, lay down, and relax.  Chill out, man," implored Neal.  Max actually couldn't find his duffell bag and was too tired to want to dig around and find it.  He'd find it in the morning, he figured.

Max was about to sit down on the inflatabed but Neal intervened.

"No, lay down on your stomach like us.  That way you'll be more comfortable and you can concentrate on the game," suggested Neal.

So Max did.  He went over to the inflatabed and layed down on his stomach between Neal and Eddie.  Max tried to ignore the fact that his enormous, spandexed bubble buns were now sticking up towards the ceiling.  he grabbed his controller and got back into the game.

"If you want, man, you can have the king-sized mattress.  We'll take the smaller two," said Neal to Max.

"Thanks.  That's cool of you," said Max.  Max thought that these two random guys were kind of weird, definitely not the typical kinds of guys that Max was used to hanging out with, but they were okay.  He thought that they were kind of artsy, hippie guys--Max was used to hanging out with his fratty, athletic friends-- but Neal and Eddie were fine to hang out with for one night.  Plus, it's not as though he had much of a choice......

Neal couldn't take his eyes off of Max's naked, ripped torso as he layed there.....but he was really concentrating on Max's big butt.  He loved how huge, round, and full those buns were and how they jiggled every time Max moved his legs.  Neal loved how the back seam of the spandex seemed like it was stuck to to Max's juicy asshole, it was wedged so far up between those massive cheeks.  Neal had never seen such an amazing ass like Max's and he was excited to move the night along.....

"Hey, Max, do you mind if I give you a massage?  I'm learning to do bodywork and holistic massage and it's good if I practice on people," said Neal.

"Well.....probably not right now, man.  I'm really sweaty and gross after today so I probably wouldn't want to if I were you," replied Max.

"It's hard having to be next to you, smelling you," said Eddie, joking.

"I'm sorry.  I would shower if I could, trust me.....," said Max.

"I'm joking, Max!" said Eddie honestly.  "It's not a big deal if you're natural.  Neal and I are into natural.  A little bit of smell doesn't bother us.  We like smells, actually."

"It's okay if you stink, Max," said Neal as pulled off one of Max's sneakers and held it up to his face.

sniff   sniff  sniiiiifffffff!

"See?" said Neal.  "It's no big deal to me.  I want to get you to feel more comfortable.  Just continue playing your video game while I work on you."   Max pretended like it didn't bother him.  Neal removed Max's other sneaker, pulled the socks from off of Max's feet (and then sniffed them), and then began massaging and smelling Max's feet.

"Dude!  My feet are probably rancid right now!  Why the fuck are you smelling them!?!" exclaimed Max.

"Relax, Max.  They smell ripe but it's okay.  You've had a long day.  Just calm down and let me work on you," said Neal who was not about to easily give up this unique opportunity.  He started massaging Max's feet more intensely in order to distract Max.  Neal was good at what he did.  The foot massage felt amazing to Max who put down his Xbox controller, layed with his face down on the air mattress, and allowed Neal to continue massaging and sniffing his feet.

sniff   sniff  sniff

Neal moved his big nose between the different spaces separating Max's toes.

sniff sniff sniff    sniff sniff

Max's feet smelled cheesy and tangy.  Neal intensified massaging the bottoms of Max's feet while breathing in the scent of the beefy, blonde jock.

Eddie layed on the other side of the air mattress, playing the video game alone.  He knew that man-scent was his friend Neal's fetish and he was happy to see Neal enjoying himself so much.

Neal moved on to massaging Max's back.  He was able to get his head close enough to Max's armpits to take whiffs of those too.  Max just took it.

sniff sniiiiiffff   went Neal.

Neal and Eddie were old friends who considered themselves bisexual.  They had messed around together in the past but now they were primarily roommates only.  Eddie knew that he would have to hear Neal bragging about this night for a long time to come since he was able to do his thing with an Adonis like Max.

Eddie looked over at Neal.  Neal was gazing like a starving lion at Max's maximum booty.  Eddie knew what was coming next.  He played the video game while watching Neal and Max also.

Neal moved himself down towards the back end of the mattress so that the lower half of his body was on the wood floor.  He positioned himself between Max's legs.  Neal's face was now aimed right at the crack seperating Max's full, round, butt cheeks.  He began to massage Max's spandexed ass loaves.

"A lot of people think that it's taboo to work on the glute muscles but I think that it's really important not to neglect them.  I'm going to give you a really good butt massage, Max, but you have to make sure to stay relaxed," instructed Neal.

Neal was very talented at doing massage, Max had to admit.  Max was so tired, and the massage felt so good, that if yet another person perved-out on his big ass, it wouldn't be something that never happened before.  Max thought that these two strange dudes were weird.  If this Neal guy wants to give a great massage and act perverted, then go for it.  Why care?  It's not like Max was going to ever hang out with these guys again.  This was a unique and bizarre situation.

Neal began massaging Max's heavy, round, oversized buns; squeezing them with his hands, smooshing them together, and spreading them apart in rhythm.  Neal kept his face only about 1 inch away from Max's butt.  Neal massaged the butt for 10 minutes, completely mezmerized by Max's XXXtra large cheeks.  Neal enjoyed the smooth feel of the spandex tights and how the back seam appeared to get more and more stuck inside Max's juicy, sweaty crack as the massage went on.

"I can't believe how amazing your glutes are, Max," said Neal as he continued with his massage.  "These have to be the most attractive and round pair of buns that I've ever seen, man or woman."

"That's more than a pair of buns, yo," said Eddie, "that's an entire bakery."  Eddie and Neal both laughed.  Max stayed silent while he felt Neal's breath hit his ass when Neal laughed--that's how clearly close Neal's face was to Max's butt.  Max wondered why he was letting these guys play with his rump.

"It really looks like your tights are painted on, Max," said Neal, "That seam really goes far up your butt."

"I think the tights were probably designed that way.  I didn't know that when I agreed to take my job.  Sometimes I get tired of people looking at my ass all the time, " said Max.

"How can they not, you know?" said Neal, trying to be supportive (while perving) as he continued massaging Max's thick, globe-like buns.

Eddie noticed that Neal's face was getting even closer to Max's ass.  All of a sudden, Neal used his hands to seperate Max's huge butt cheeks and then shoved his face between them.  Max didn't fight it; he just layed there with his face down on the mattress and his eyes closed.  Neal gently rubbed Max's rear while he kept his face in there.  For a minute or so, Neal's face stayed silently enveloped between Max's bulbous, spandexed buns, as if he was stuck in there.  And then Eddie could hear Neal sniffing.

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniiiiiiiiffffffff!  sniff sniff sniff......

Neal took his face out of Max's butt for a moment.  "Aaaahhh, yes!  I'm like a dog!  I just love the smell of a hot butt.  Can't help myself," said Neal with a huge grin on his face.  He then dug his face right back in there, between Max's massive, bulbous butt cheeks.

sniff  sniff sniff sniiiiiiiifffffffff!  sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniiiiiffffffffff!


"Does he smell pretty good?" asked Eddie.

Neal came up for air.  "Oh fuck yeah!  I can smell his ripe, stinky butt right through his tights.  Smells so fucking good."  And then Neal's face went right back between Max's glutes.

Max knew that he, himself, was getting a boner from this.  Max pushed his ass harder towards Neal's face so that Neal's nose pressed even more intensely against Max's butt hole.  Max could feel Neal's nostrils flexing against his sphincter as Neal sniffed in the scent.  If Max wouldn't have been wearing spandex, the tip of Neal's nose would have possibly penetrated his pucker.

"Since your nose is up his ass......aren't you worried that he'll fart?" asked Eddie to Neal.

sniff sniff sniff    "Hey, if it happens, it happens," said Neal.  He patted Max's butt while his face was buried in it.  Max's cheeks jiggled.  "Max, it would be pretty hot if you farted right now," said naughty Neal, his voice muffled since his lips were pressed to Max's taint.  Neal's nose nuzzled deeper and deeper, as far as it could press, towards Max's smelly butt hole.

sniff sniff sniff     sniff sniff

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff     sniiiiiiiiffffffff   sniff sniff snifff

After a while, Max felt that he would actually be able to release a substantial air pie.  Max spread his muscular legs a bit and thrust his huge ass even harder towards Neal, Neal practically crushing his face as deep as he could between Max's sweaty buns.

pppphhrrrrrpt!   ppppphhrrrpt!   ppphhrrpt!     farted Max.

Neal could feel Max's tight, little sphincter open up slightly against his nostrils as he opened his hole to release.

Eddie could hear Neal sniffing furiously.

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff

Again, Neal came up for air.  "Phew!  God damn!  I think that musky man ass is my favorite smell in the world," he said.  So he went in for more.

sniff sniff sniiiiiffffffff!  sniiiiiifffffff!

"But maybe it's just that Max's smell is really good?" asked Eddie, creating a discussion.

sniff sniff sniff sniff     "Hmmmm....?" answered Neal, his face in Max's ass.    sniff sniff sniff

"I've got to think about that," Neal said.

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniiiiifffffff!

"Yeah, Max's ass might be the sexiest smellin' ass there is," concluded Neal.

sniff sniff sniff sniff

"Definitely," was Neal's final verdict.

Having Neal's face wedged in his ass felt good to Max.  He hated to admit that himself but it was true.  The nose pressed and flexing against his hole was a stimulating sensation and the fact that this guy was getting off on his butt musk turned Max on.

"Eddie, come here and take a whiff," said Neal.

"No, man, I don't want to interrupt your fun times there," chuckled Eddie.

"Eddie, seriously, pause the game for a second and sniff Max's butt.  It smells fucking great," insisted Neal.

So Eddie complied.  He paused the game with his controller, leaned over, and nestled his face between Max's huge glutes.

sniff sniff sniff sniff            sniff sniff sniff

"It smells kind of cheesy......but kind of spicy....," said Eddie.

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff

"And kind of like.....I butt," laughed Eddie.

"It smells like pooh.  But nice," said Neal.

"Yeah, you got it," laughed Eddie.

"It just smells hot to me," said Neal.

"Why don't you pull down the spandex and rim him?" asked Eddie.

"Because if you eat out his ass, after a while it will take away the stink.  I want to smell the stink," said Neal.
And now Max's butt was back to him.  Neal dove his face in there again and continued sniffing away like a crazy bloodhound.

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniiiiiiiffffffff!  sniff sniff sniff sniff......

A while later, Neal's face emerged from out between Max's buns.

"Hey, Max, I'm just going to use your ass as a pillow for the rest of the night.  Cool?" asked Neal.

"At this point, you might as well," answered Max.

For the rest of the night, Neal rested his face between Max's round, spandexed butt cheeks (they made really good pillows, actually) with his nose pressed against Max's hole.  Neal sniff, sniff, sniffed, squirted out a big load of cum in his jeans, exhausted himself, and fell asleep.  Eddie tired out from his video game, paused it and fell asleep too.

Max eventually conked out with Neal's face up his butt.

Randall's phone alarm went off at 6 am.  He got up from his air mattress (where Michelle was still sleeping), opened the bedroom door, walked out into the living room, and was greeted with an interesting sight:

All three of the other young men asleep on the same air mattress in the living room.  Randall's ex-coworker, Neal, had his head resting on top of Max's butt.  Huh.  Okay.....

Randall didn't want to know what had happened.  He just wanted to get these guys home and then continue with what was bound to be a long day taken up by the moving process.

"Hey, guys, wake up!  Get your stuff so that I can take you to your houses," said Randall.

Groggy Neal, Max, and Eddie got up, grabbed their bags (Max found his duffell behind a couple of beer boxes), and headed towards the van with Randall.  Neal had a big, soggy load of cum in his jean which formed a wet spot that he hoped no one would notice.  It was early.  No one noticed.

On the way towards their houses, the three movers slept while Randall drove.  He dropped Max off first.  Max just got out of the car and gave them a quick wave goodbye.  The other men all watched Max's spectacular ass bouncing in his spandex as he walked up the driveway and into his house.

Neal wished that he would have somehow been able to bottle the scent of Max's ass.  He thought to himself that he'd probably make a fortune if he could.

Randall dropped Eddie and Neal off at their apartment and then drove the long trek back to his new place.

When Randall returned to his new home, Michelle had gotten some fast-food lunch for the two of them and was reading an article in the local newspaper.

"It was great that we had their help.  That was really cool of them.  Eddie and Neal seemed to get along well with Max," said Michelle.

"Yeah.....," said Randall.  His attention seemed elsewhere.

"What?  What's wrong?" asked his fiance.

"" fumbled Randall, "when I walked in the living room this morning, they were all sleeping on the same air mattress,"

"Haha," said Michelle, "That's cute.  They were all tired out."

"Sure....,"continued Randall, "but Neal kind of had his face planted in Max's ass."

"Oh." said Michelle. "Well.....we always knew that Neal was kind of a kinky one.  And it's not like most people probably wouldn't want to play with Max's fabulous ass for while, right?"

"Well....," answered Randall, "I never really thought about that...."

"Yeah right," his fiance responded.  "Liar."

Michelle looked over at Randall, winked, and then turned her attention back to the newspaper article.